Thursday, May 1, 2008

Our House Is Sold.......

So long, house! :-(

Thanks for all the memories! :-)

Around 9pm, the wheeling and dealing was DONE! hahaha! Hopefully, we will soon be posting pics of our new home....and maybe even begging some of you to help us move. hahaha! And, how crazy is parents sold their house last night, too! We both put our homes on the market within days of each other, and both accepted offers late last night.


We'll miss this house, but we are ready to move on! A young couple is buying the house, so we hope it is as great for them, as it has been for us. I'm sure I'll cry about moving from here at some point, but today we are celebrating (and panicing that we can find another house SOON!:-)


wick said...

YAY!!! I am happy for you guys. SO, who which realtor is going to get the pleasure of writing th contract on the new house? LOL

Marsha said...

CONGRATS!!! I'm thrilled for you all. Goodluck house hunting. Tell Miss Abby and her baby sister I said Hello!! Love Aunt Marsha. See you guys soon

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