Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pictures, Updates, Life!:-)

I have tons of new pics to share, so here are some of my favorites!!

EXCITING NEWS!-We got an offer on the house yesterday. We are countering today, so here's to hoping all goes well. Now, the search for our new house is on! Wish us luck. We are going to need it! LOL!

Nanny (my mom) was here this weekend and here is one of my favorites of her and Abby!:-)
Silly girl! She LOVES her Tupperware. I need to thank Missy, again!
Daddy's girl! Soon he is going to really have his hands full! :-)
What a pair. Abby ADORES her Daddy! The other day he was acting like a dog and she introduced Scott to her new toy and said, 'this is my puppy!' hahahaha!
We are SO sick of hearing, 'are you all going to try again for a boy?' Or the guys at Scott's work keep saying, 'oh, you can admit it, you wanted a boy!' AAAAAAHHHH!! Why do people think that and say that. If this was your life and this what you got to look at and be with every day, why on Earth would we NOT want another little girl!? I told Scott the next time someone says that to me, I am going to say, 'no, but we might try for twin GIRLS!' :-)

She is such a little worker. Her little legs are covered with paint, grass, dirt, everything. I love it! :-)
With Mr. John, her coach/teacher! She has perfected the toe point. :-)
Our furry child. Or as Abby says 100 times a day, 'look at my dog....isn't he precious!?' hahaha! She is constantly in his face saying, 'hello, sweetie....look at you precious sweetie!' She is so full of it. He is sweet, though. I think she has found her first real best friend in Dixon!


Vanessa and girls said...

I see Abby napped for you! LOL HORRAY! By the way....Scott's going to love being a Daddy of two girls. I know Casey loves having 2 litle girls. :)

Thanks for coming over....I love your new camera...make sure bring it every time! LOL

wick said...

Congrats on the offer. I hope everything works out for you. Hope to see you on friday.

Dawna said...

People also think that if you have a boy and a girl then you're done. But, it's not their concern. Your girls will be beautiful. I hope the house offer will work out. We'll be thinking about you.

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