Thursday, February 26, 2009


I hope I can get this to work....if not, I know I can, at least, get a link to a woman's blog that has the video. If you do nothing else today, watch and listen to this guy....HILARIOUS and so so so true!

Louis CK "Everything's amazing, nobody's happy"

Yes! Okay, it on the link and WATCH. It's only a few minutes long!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Abby at 5 months!

So, while I definitely think Olivia will have her own look, I also think that before we know it, Abby will have a little twin walking around here. Clearly, Olivia has hair, while Abby didn't-ha!, and Olivia has lighter eyes, but I found these pics of Abby at 5mo. old and I can't get over how similar they really do look! :)

I think I have posted this picture of her before, but this is one of my ALL-TIME favorite pictures of Abby as a baby! :) What a doll!...and this one looks SO much like Olivia does now!

Picture Overload...

I will apologize now for the insane amount of pictures in this post. I haven't posted pictures in a week or so, so I have a lot to share! :)

The other day, Abby came to me and said, 'get the camera, I'm ready for my close up!' haha! Here are a few pics from that little 'photo session!' ha!

I love this picture...look how badly Olivia wants that make-up Abby is holding! haha!

Olivia is loving all of her new toys, and it's ben fun getting all of them out, again. Takes me right back to the days when Abby was this little! Enjoying her exersaucer!

And, Abby continues to have her fun, too. The other day I was putting Olivia down for a nap, when I came out I found this...Abby had taken EVERY water bottle from one of the big packs from Sam's (32 of them, I believe), lined them up across the floor and was just starting to roll them, one by one, across the floor to see how far they would go! FUN!...ha!

We even broke out the Jumparoo this weekend (Abby's old favorite!). Olivia loves it, too.

We have had rough times around here since Sunday. I think Abby is fighting a little cold or something. She has been grupmy, emotional, tired, etc. for the last few days. The runny nose is here today, so I hope she is back to herself SOON! We keep referring to her as delicate! ha! Scott is scared to death of her. haha! She is acting like a hormonal 14yr. old. I told Scott to just get ready....this pictures sums it up!

One of Olivia's newest 'talents!' She can hold her own bottle now. We were laughing because I was getting her ready for bed, and she was fussing/tired. Scott made the bottle and brought it to me. He put in front of her and she grabbed it and then just looked at us like, 'just give me the thing, I will do it myself!' ha!

We put solids on hold for about a month because of the eczema, but now that we are pretty certain what triggers it, I decided we could give them another try. She pretty much hates rice cereal, so I tried peas last night. OH. MY. GOODNESS. The child acted like we never feed her. ha! She loved them and scarfed down half a jar, and would have eaten the whole jar if I would have let her. I tried mixing them with rice cereal, but that didn't trick her. ha!
This picture cracks me up. The look on Olivia's face, 'really??...tell me you aren't going to let her feed me!' haha! Abby has been waiting over 5mo. for this day, so she had to feed her a few bites.
That about sums up the past week...throw in some storytimes, trips to the library, dance classes, a few shopping trips, lunch with friends, bunco, LOTS of running, a visit from Goggy and Gi-gi and possibly a new job for me, and that is what we have been up to! :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Big Day...

Who knew Feb. 19 would be such a big day around here.

**First, Olivia is 5mo. old today!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!? And, what a wonderful little being she is. She just gets sillier by the day. She is the happiest little thing. Everything is funny to her. She is in the habit of sleeping REALLY good at night now. It was tricky finding a balance with her eating, because I took her off of cereal because of the eczema issues (looks like we will be holding of on solids for a while, even though I think skin sensitivity is what triggers hers. I have it cleared up and we haven't had any flare ups in a while. It's exhausting to keep up with her daily regimen of lotions/cremes/fabrics/etc. and making sure everyone is dye and perfume free but it's working), anyways... once we figured out how much more she needed to eat each day, she has been sleeping sometimes 10-11 hrs. at night. Naps are hit or miss. I can usually get a couple okay naps from her, but if she sleeps that good at night, I will take the lousy napping. But, she is getting better and does have her good nap days. She is transitioning to just 3 shorter naps, so I think that is where the nap issue is coming from and heavens knows any nap is better than what we could get from Abby, so in our opinion, she's doing great...ha! She rolls and moves everywhere, and I am prediciting that she is crawling in the next month or so. She will get get up on her hands and feet now and give a big push to move herself closer to a toy, Abby, whatever it is she eyes and wants. Abby is her most favortie person in the world. It doens't matter what Abby says or does, Olivia LOVES it!! She's more gorgeous everyday and she still hasn't lost her hair (I love adding that, since so many people told me she would..ha!)

**Second, I will be running my first half-marathon in EXACTLY 2mo. Yay! Training is going great. I am running about 6miles on my long runs, and it is actually much easier than I ever thought. (I haven't ran more than 5miles since high school, and even then I only ran 8miles...ONE time and that was because my boyfriend at the time challenged me to a race...haha! Yep, one of those real mature relationships..ha! I'm sure he won, by the way..haha! I just remember running almost all the way to the highway and then wanting to call someone to come and get me, but of course we had no cell phones back then, so I walked home...ha!) Anyways, training is going great. I actually love running, and I never thought I would say that. Maybe it's because I get some time to myself, but whatever the reason, I love it. And, not to mention you can eat what you want and feel no guilt about it! ha!

**Third, I went on my first job interview in 4 yrs. today. Now, it's not for a normal job, I'm not going back to work or anything. I am going to, possibly, coach an all-star cheer squad for a gym in the area. The owners of the gym got my name from some friends of mine and called me yesterday. I met with them today, and it sounds like a great opportunity, and I would LOVE to do it. I go in next week to teach a few classes, and if it's a good fit and the time, etc. works out, I will hopefully be their new coach. If I am offered the job and if I take it, they will basically be handing the swuad over to me, which would be great because then I could schedule practices around times that work best for us, etc. It's a very new squad. The gym has been around for years, but they just started the squad last year. So, it would be a great opportunity for not only me, but for the gym and for the girls, too. We still don't know anything for sure and I haven't even made up my mind about it, but I am excited and hopefully it works out for everyone.

**I do have some pictures that I need to get on here, and I am hosting Bunco here tomorrow night, so I hope to have some fun pictures from that,'s Mardi Gra theme!! YAY!! Have a good one,'s late and I know I will pay for it if I stay up too much past my normal bed time! ;)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

X-rated...sort of (haha!)

Okay, so every once in a while I will get a forwarded email from a friend that makes me laugh really hard. Most of the time, I just delete them (sometimes I don't even open them), but I opened this one and I laughed so freakin' hard! Enjoy! It's not really x-rated. Just thought I could pass along a little laugh to some of you!

The Black Bra

I had lunch with 2 of my unmarried friends. One is engaged, the other is a mistress, and of course I have been married for 20+ years. We were chatting about our relationships and decided to amaze our partners by wearing a black leather bra, stiletto heels and a mask over our eyes. We agreed to meet in a few days to exchange notes. Here's how it all went.

**My engaged friend: The other night when my boyfriend came over he found me with a black leather bodice, tall stilettos and a mask. He saw me and said, 'You are the woman of my dreams. "I love you" and we made love all night long.
The mistress: Me too! The other night I met my lover at his office and I was wearing the leather bodice and heels under a raincoat and the mask over my eyes. When I opened the raincoat he didn't say a word, but we had wild sex all night.
**Then I shared my story: When my husband came home I was wearing the leather bodice, black stockings, stilettos and a mask over my eyes. As soon as he came in the door and saw me he said, 'What's for dinner, Batman?"

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Weekend!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day, filled with fun and the ones you love most! We have been celebrating Valentine's Day here for the last two weeks-ha!...Abby has a slight obsession with Holidays, but that's okay, I do to, and we love it! Scott and I have had a weekend away planned since Dec. and it just happened to be this past weekend (which also happened to be the anniversary of our engagement-FUN!). Mom and Dad got here Thur. night, so we got up and celebrated Valentine's with everyone Friday morning. Then, Scott and I left for Lake of the Ozarks. Mom and Dad kept the girls all weekend. Everyone had a SUPER time. Scott and I shopped, ate good food, went to the movies and SLEPT...all night long! ha! And, it was great to know that the girls were in good hands and having a blast here with Mom and Dad! :)

Olivia and her Papaw!
Fun times with Nanny and Papaw!

Isn't her little face in that mirror so sweet! Thanks, for the AWESOME gift, Aunt Michelle! (she LOVES it and plays with it NON-STOP! :)

And, these pictures crack me up. Here's Abby modeling some of the clothes we got her this weekend. The dress happens to match the shoes perfectly, and I have never seen someone dance in high-heels quite like Abby...the girls on Dancing With the Stars better watch their backs...haha!!

***A HUGE Thanks to Mom and Dad for keeping the girls. You all are the BEST! I know you all are exhausted and it might take a few days to recuperate, but we sure do appreciate it...haha! And, I know you all love it! :) And, of course, the girls would have it no other way! ;)

***And, another HUGE thanks to Miss Polly and Mark for letting us stay in the condo! We had such a great time, and the place is SO nice! We loved it! Thank you!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Play-date at the Park!

Again, we got out and enjoyed every minute of this gorgeous weather! We met some friends at the park today and had a picnic. The girls had a blast. You could tell they all just wanted to get out and RUN!

Olivia had a good time, too. She LOVES watching the big girls play, and they LOVE her!

A little water break!

I told them to sit down and let me get a picture and this is what I got! haha!

Awww, so sweet! These 3 will be in school together! Triple trouble! :)
We were there for over 3 hrs. and managed to round up another friend to come join us, too! :)

The storms are rolling in tonight and it will be in the 30's-40's by tomorrow! :( We loved it while it lasted, that's for sure! BRING ON SPRING!

Enjoying the weather!

We have taken full advantage of these nice days, as we know they will gone as fast as they came! :( We went to the park yesterday and played outside all afternoon!

BUBBLES! I don't think bubbles will ever get old or boring!

And, I just LOVE these 2 pictures! Such a beautiful little girl, growing up right before our eyes!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Relaxing Weekend!

We had a nice, relaxing weekend....and we needed it! This past week was a rough one. We had some really rough nights with Olivia. She was waking ALL night long. I would go in, give her the paci and be back in there anywhere from 10min.-1hr. later. Add that to Abby's normal nightly antics (yelling for water, yelling that she needs me to help her find her pillow, yelling that she heard a loud noice, trying to come and play in the living room at 4:30....etc. etc.). By Friday, I had had about 7 hrs. of sleep in 48hrs. and I decided no more pacifier. I sort of figured that was the culprit since she wasn't hungry, etc. And, sure enough, Friday I put her to sleep without it and she slept 10 1/2 hrs. STRAIGHT, not a peep! Same thing last night for over 11hrs. I always hated those things anyways. My goal is to have them 100% out of this house by the end of this week...she still took one for a few of her naps this weekend, when she was really fighting hard, and I really needed her to sleep (even if for only 30min.) But, I will happily fight the fight at night to make sure she does not go to bed with it, and so far she could care less and has fallen right to sleep. Yay, Olivia and Yay, Mommy...sweet, heavenly sleep!-ha!

Anyways, we did NOTHING Friday. Everyone in the house was in bed by 8:30!

Abby playing with Olivia. For those of you that are familiar with Laurie Berkner, 'Olivia's got a ball on her head, Olivia's got a ball on her head and she keeps it there all day!'-haha!

I love this picture of Miss Abigail.

Awwwww....(Olivia had just finished eating and was heading to the bath, she's not always half dressed with a wet onesie-ha!)

Daddy and his girls!

Saturday I got up and went on my first outdoor long run. Uhhh...there were 20mph winds, I was almost ankle deep in mud at one point, and it wasn't pretty, but I did it!-ha! After that we all just waited for my Mom to get here. Abby had been counting the days. Nanny brought the jackpot....the Easy Bake oven! YAY!

They quickly got to work baking cakes and cookies! :)

Scott and I got to go grocery shopping romantic! haha! Other than that, we did NOTHING Saturday, too!
***Scott's parents came to visit Sunday, too. They are still without power, as is most of his family and everyone else is Western KY. :( So, they hung out and enjoyed the heat, TV, hot water, etc.-haha! We had a good lunch and continued to do nothing but relax and play! :) I had a mini breakdown over Olivia's eczema, but I am better now. ha! She flared up this morning after I had it, basically, cleared up. It's just frustrating to deal with. It already looks 100 times better, so I am hoping it's even better by morning. Thank God she has never acted like it bothers her, and the Dr. seems to think it's nothing at all to be concerned about, but it's still not something that I want her to have to deal with. The Dr. also seems to think that since it's only on her cheeks and no where else, that it's simply baby eczema and she will out grow it, probably once the weather finally warms up for good. But, being the over dramatic, uber worrier that I am, I have put the humidifier back in her room, made sure that everything that touches her is 100% cotton and washed in free and clear detergent, nothing but mild and free soaps/lotions/etc, I have stopped feeding her cereal (which will probably add a night feeding back to the routine, but that's okay), she is lubed up with Aquaphor and we ware just going to have to be REALLY careful about what detergents/lotions/perfumes/etc. come into contact with her! And, of course, hope and pray that she does outgrow it. :( Okay, enough...I am going to start crying again!
Onto this funny tidbit...Abby yelled for me, 'Mommy, I made you...look, I made you!' I go over and this is what she made.....

hahaha! Yes, those are my teeth attached to the red pepper! ha! I am not sure if I should be thrilled and impressed by her creativity or hurt that she thinks I have huge snaggle teeth! haha!

***Anyways, we had a great weekend. Thanks for coming to see us Nanny, Goggy and Gi-gi!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Olivia's Stats!

We had Olivia's 4mo. well visit yesterday (actually 4 1/2 mo. but that's okay!). She is perfect and weighed in at a whopping 13lbs. 13oz. I need to call and get her length. (I am guessing abour 24-25in....I will just measure her myself today-ha!) Abby was 12lbs. 60z. at 4mo. so I guess that is why she seems so big to us. Scott is always telling her, 'wow, you are a BIG baby!' and, of course, she just laughs! ha! She also got her shots. She was a champ, she cried but stopped as soon as I picked her up. Abby had a really bad reaction to her shots starting at 12mo., so I am hoping that we don't have to go through that with Olivia, too. So, even though the shots don't bother me, I am always sort of nervous thinking about if/when she will have a reaction. Hopefully, we avoid all of that 'fun' with Olivia. Abby has screamed at Dr. Reger since day 1, so he just loves that Olivia likes him. But, yesterday every time Olivia would fuss or cry throughout the day, Abby would say, 'I think she is crying because she doesn't want to go see Dr. Reger!' haha! He got a kick out of that. He also said that since she is eating cereal, that we can start veggies whenever I want. I think we will be waiting until closer to 6mo., though. Abby wants her start eating NOW! ha! I caught her trying to feed her the other day. The next 2 years will, without a doubt, require CONSTANT attention, because I can't even imagine what Abby will come up with and do to Olivia! haha! She got mad the other day because Olivia couldn't play ring around the rosey with her. ha! Awwww...never a dull moment! :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Needing some pictures!

I finally decided what I wanted over the fireplace (until we find and get a mantle that we want), but it requires 6 good photos, so I thought I would try to get some today when both of the girls were in good moods. I don't know how many good ones I got for what I needed, but I got some sweet ones. :)

The mood quickly shifted when I put the girls together for some photos and this was the best I got.

'Hey, girls...try not too look SO happy!' hahaha! I also got one of Olivia taking a face dive into the couch, one of her spitting up (with the spit up actually flying from her mouth...spectacular), and one of Abby yelling at Olivia!

Maybe tomorrow......

A little nap...

When I got home yesterday, Scott told me that the girls had wanted to take a little nap while I was gone, and to check it out on the camera!

HA! Something tells me this wasn't Olivia's idea! :)
Awww, look at Abby sleeping! (that is what we have to say when she pretends to sleep and then she wakes up and we have to act all excited! haha!...Olivia could care less about Abby's games! ha!)

And, Olivia all bundled after a bath the other night!

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