Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend!

We had another fun-filled, busy weekend. Our parents came in town, so Abby was on cloud nine with Nanny, Papaw, Gi-gi and Goggy! (talk about spoiled;-) We went shopping for the baby's bedding, had a yummy lunch, went to see the new house, played, played and played. We didn't let the bad weather rain on our fun.

'I am too sexy for this hat....what you think about that!?' hahaha! Crazy girl! Cutest little trucker I have ever seen! hahaha!
Watching Alvin with Gi-gi!
Abby baked cup cakes for everyone yesterday! She is quite the little chef!
Serving her cupcakes to everyone. :-)
A little finger paint never hurt anyone.
Abby takes her finger painting VERY seriously. Apparently, Nanny does too! hahaha! Good job, Mom and Abby! :-)
We went to the new house to show our parents, measure for the fence/patio/windows/etc. I forgot to change lenses, so I didn't get any good pics. I had the super power lens on, and unless you want to see close ups of door frames and light fixtures, this was the best I could get. hahaha!
We are so ready to get moved. We have over an acre of land, much more room, no work to do on the inside (other than what we want to the girls' rooms), it's all brand spanking new! YAY! We do have some work ahead of us, concerning getting the fence build, patio laid, landscaping, etc. but that's okay...we had to do all of that at this house, too, so we are pros in that area, hahaha! We love the town, school system, it's close to where I will deliver that baby, it's further away from St. Louis and all that it brings, THANK GOODNESS. Scott will have a longer commute to work, but that's okay. If that's the price we have to pay to have our kids to grow up in a rural community and a good school system, then that is just fine with us. :-)
So, here are 3 not so good pics of our new house. I will get some good pics when we get in and get everything done! YAY!


nanny said...

these pictures do not even do the house justice, It is a perfect house, the bathroom is huge, the kitchen is georgeous, the houses around it look like Beverly Hills homes, it is the perfect location and home, thanks for showing us love you

Sara said...

I can't wait to see it! It looks so pretty in the pictures. Mom and Gog couldn't say enough good stuff about it! :)

The Utley Crew said...

hahaha, Mom! You're funny...if the homes look like Beverly Hills, then we have solidified our role as the resident 'beverly' hillbilies. We were laughing tonight about how we will only be in the house for a week or 2, then it's 4th of July. We'll be out there with our fireworks, and everyone will be like, 'my Lord, look at the rednecks that moved in!' hahaha!

marsha said...

Congrats!! on your new home. It looks absolutely awesome and I've heard from nanny how beautiful and brand spanking new it is. Hopefully if baseball doesn't conflict and Tim isn't working oot, we will be able to help with the big move. Miss you all!! Congrats again. Love Marsha

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