Monday, May 5, 2008

Big BIrd's Big Day....

Every once in a while, one of the stuffed animals that Abby sleeps with will makes it way from the bed in the morning, and spend the day with us. Today must have been Big Bird's lucky day!

Not only did he get to go to the park with us, Abby also potty-trained him and he helped us with all of our errands and cooking! :-)

Here they are at the park!!

I got to hold Big Bird while she displayed some more of her future olympic gymnastics abilities! :-)
Not for long, though...they were off to climb the rock wall.
And swing!
Hang on Big Bird. Abby likes to 'swing to the moon and stars!'
Heading for the nature walk.
Ole'! Making turkey and black bean queso with us in honor of Cinco de Mayo! I figure if we can't party and drink margaritas, we might as well get to enjoy some good mexican food today. hahaha!

Learning how to potty. If he keeps on this track, he will be in undies in no time! :-)
And, not to be out done, Abby has been the Potty Champ today. I let her bring her potty out into the house, and she loves it. Hey, whatever works!

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nanny said...

those are the cutest pictures, cannot wait to see her, she looks bigger than 2 weeks ago. Love you all

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