Saturday, May 4, 2013


I bet you are thinking...'those Utleys sure are boring lately, do they ever do anything?!?!' ha! ;) Just kidding. We are just as busy and having as much fun as ever, I'm just a bad blogger these days (which is no secret), so I thought I would play catch up on the last few weeks! :)
Abby had a sleepover a few weeks ago and Liv was so sad that she couldn't go, so she wanted to have a sleep over the next time Nanny came to visit. Of course, Mom was more than happy to provide. S'mores on the s'more maker! We also did hair and make-up, glow in the dark bubbles, stayed up late...all the fun makings of a great sleepover. :)
 We went to Paducah a couple of weeks ago for Will's 3rd birthday! What a big boy!! The girls just adore him and they have so much fun together! Love it! :)

 We took some of our cheerleaders to a competition at Grizzly Stadium. We just took one stunt group and a jumper, but we had a blast, it was a perfect day and...we got first in the college stunt group and jump division! Great job, Blue Devils! :)
And....Abby now rides with no training wheels! Yes, it took her a little longer than most, but if you know Abby, this is no surprise! She is very practical and logical and over thinks everything, so when we asked her in the past, her response was always along the lines of, 'why in the world would I want to take my training wheels off? does it look like I want to end up in the emergency room with a broken arm!?' haha! Not kidding, though. The child is 7 going on 35! But, she is off now, and riding like a pro. She even wants a bigger bike now.
 They came over and said, 'Mom, take a picture of us, we know just how we are going to pose!' haha! How could I say no to that! Sweet little angels! :)
 Now, while bike riding might not be Abby's #1 thing, hula-hooping is! haha! This kid is a hula-hooping machine! 2 at once, while walking and she can jump, too...and keep going. She wants to try to beat the American record for kids her age! (See what I mean, 7 going on 35...only she would do research on how long a 7yr old can hula-hoop and then set out to beat it! haha!)
 And, on the neck. I'm happy to report I taught her this little trick! :)
 And, on the arm! Another trick taught to her by yours truly! haha!
 We had our end of the year Athletic Banquet last week. Here I am with our award winners. You might think working with college kids doesn't sound all that wonderful, but it is! I LOVE it! These are such great kids. In addition to being amazing athletes and cheerleaders, they are smart, they are leaders amongst the students, they have more volunteer hours than any other athletic team on campus...they just make me REALLY proud!
 We, by default, had a little stay cation last weekend. We went over to Missouri to compete and work at a cheer competition, and...they cancelled the competition due to weather at the last minute. We had our whole squad already checked into the hotel and everything, so we just made the most of it, stayed in a great hotel, the girls swam, we ate good food and on our way home the following day, we hit up the Science Center in St. Louis!

 Along with being busy, this pregnancy is literally flying by!! 22 weeks already! I have officially POPPED! haha! Sporting the belly now! I don't mind it, though. I love the belly and feeling the baby moving all the time. (Now having big boobs...HATE that! I wouldn't wish big boobs on my worst enemy! ha! That's the one thing I can't wait to be back to normal. I can't believe people pay for boobs! Ugh! NEVER!)

Abby had a field trip to the zoo last week. Here she is with 2 of her BFF's and her wonderful teacher! I am calling it now...when Abby is a senior in high school, she will still say that Mrs. Lampe is her favorite teacher! She is the best. These kids are going to miss her sooooo much next year. If I made a list of the 10 nicest people I know, she would be on it, probably in the Top 5!...or higher. I just can't say enough about how much we love her. Thank goodness, I still have Liv and this new baby that will get to be in 1st grade with her, too! :) I already know that Abby will be sneaking down to her room next year every chance she gets next year! :)

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