Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend at Home...

We went home this past weekend for Mother's Day. We had a blast. We got to see Mom and Dad's new house (we are VERY jealous, LOL!), Timmie play ball (he's an amazing little athlete), went to visit Judy and Kelsey (and we got to fish and play all day), and we got to eat lots of our favorite foods and visit with lots of people we love very much.

Timmie's game. He pitched the whole game and did so good. He's one heck of a ball player, that's for sure. (Marsha-I have TONS of really good pics from the game. We will put them all on a CD for you all!:)

Abby with her Aunt Marsha.:-)
Fishing...she caught the biggest fish of the day with her Dora pole (actually, Kelsey caught the fish, LOL, but Abby was excited all the same!)
With Papaw!
With Daddy and her fish!

We has some long days. There are not too many pics of this child sleeping. These are very rare....and so sweet! :-) Look at that grip on her Little People! hahaha!

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nanny said...

I am the luckiest, Nanny, Ma Ma, Me Me, in the whole world, Thank You God, aren't they Great!!~That camera is great as well!!!Thank you Scott!! I love you all so Much, I "can't want to" go to work Abby I would rather be with you!!

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