Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I know that the blog is usually filled with pictures of our sweet girl, but today I am going to gripe, complain and stomp my feet over the house issue. I know everyone is sick of hearing it, so maybe if I get it all out on here, it will spare Scott from having to hear about it tonight! (okay, probably not, but still! hahaha!)

So, we sold the house and we have to be out on OR before June 30. Which means we need a solid contract on a house by May 30, AT THE LATEST! We found a house that we LOVE, went to write an offer and as I am reading through the disclosures, I see a little note that says,

per a neighbor, the neighborhood has been rezoned as a flood zone and SOME people are now being required to carry flood insurance. However, this home and property has NEVER flooded and has NEVER had to carry flood insurance.

Now, there are 2 things that are quite comical about this situation, 1. there is a DITCH behind the house, waaaay behind the house at the edge of the property. If it rained for 5 days, the ditch MIGHT be a small creek. Chances of it ever reaching the house......ZERO! If it didn't flood last month, then it isn't flooding. 2. This would only happen to Scott and I. We don't have bad luck by ANY means. We are extremely blessed, I know this, but it's always something, especially when it comes to real estate.

Anyways, this puts a large kink in our plans to write an offer (this was on Sat.) because flood insurance can sometimes be as much as $2000 a year, and that is on top of your normal home insurance. So, obviously, we aren't going to make an offer until this is all cleared up and we know what we are dealing with. We start trying to figure some things out. We checked with FEMA, the listing agent, I even called 2 of the neighbors, hahaha (super nice people, BTW!) What we find out is that SOME lenders are requiring owners carry flood insurance, some are not and that the neighborhood is in a FIT about it, and they have hired their own surveyor to come and re-zone the land, and it should all be squared away within a couple of months, the land will be re-zoned and no one will be required to have flood coverage. Sounds good, but we still aren't banking on what some neighbors tell us. We spent Monday and yesterday trying to get this all taken care of. Our lender says, yes if it's flood zone, we have to have coverage, the insurance company says it could be anywhere from $300-$2000/yr., but no one will give them an estimate without the elevation certificate. Okay, I call our realtor and tell her to have the listing agent get all of this info. (if we don't end up buying this house, the next people that come along will need it, so he might as well get it all taken of, right???) WRONG....I learned real quick that I might as well handle this myself. After a nice chat with the lady at the court house, there are no elevation charts for the property, unless the private surveyor that was hired by the neighborhood has it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? We call our insurance lady....she's gone sick for the day!! REALLY!! SUPER FANTASTIC!! So, now we are leaving for my parents tomorrow and won't be back until late Sunday, which puts us at the middle of May and we have no where to live! hahaha! I am hoping to find out some good news on all of this tomorrow, but I am doubtful. If not, we will have to hit the ground running and start looking at houses in our second choice town/school system! (we have exhausted all possibilites in our first choice town/school)

On a happier note, my parents have sealed the deal for their new house! YAY! (and now we will, at least, have somewhere to go, hahaha!) Yes, I know it will all work out. Yes, I know we will find the perfect home for us. Yes, I know all of that, and I am trying to stay positive, but GEEZ LOUISE!

If you read all of that, I love you! hahaha! And, I promise my next post will be back to pictures of my girl. Right now, she is napping and when she gets up, we have plans to make some lovely things for some VERY SPECIAL moms that we know!;-) So, I better get all of that ready for her. She's excited and I know it will be the first thing she asks about.

Oh, if anyone reading this has their realtor license or has any advice on this situation, please get in touch with me. It can't be this darn hard to get this ironed out.


Dawna said...

Well, I have no advice but I will be thinking about you and I hope this all works out.

wick said...

I would venture to guess that our neighborhood is NOT in a 100 year flood plain. At least that is what we were told when we bought our house 1 year ago 2 doors down the street. It is listed as a Zone C-X. Just because we got all that rain, the water table has risen (as it has throughout the midwest). Just because of that doesn't mean that the potential for flooding has increased, because your house is still considerably higher than the water table. Oh well. I guess they will do what they have to do get a deal, huh? Sorry for the luck, but let us know if you need any help whatsoever!

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