Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The girls had another fun day of Halloween festivities. We didn't know what we were going to do tonight since we had already had a Halloween party and did the trail yesterday, but we decided to take Abby just down one street and to some neighbors that we know. It was just enough for her and she had a blast! There were so many kids out and everyone had their homes decorated and were out in the driveways. It was a party!

Our littlest pumpkin before we left! She looks JUST like Abby in this picture! WOW! They are going to be identical but Olivia has the dark hair and light eyes.
'Oh, Halloween is so fun!'

'Seriously, this is the most fun I have had in my six long weeks here!'-haha!

Getting ready for the 'real deal' trick or treating!
Abby keeps up with the big kids, that's for sure! What a doll! She is so tiny and thinks she is so big!-ha!
She got SO excited about every little thing that she got. It was so cute. We had to stand in every driveway while she showed everyone what was given to her at that house!

All night Abby talked about wanting to be scary. We were at our neighbors house and as we turned to walk away, she turned back to our neighbor real fast and said, 'grrrr!'-haha! It was so cute. He jumped and said, 'oh my, you scared me!' She got so embarassed. She shrugged her little shoulders and covered her mouth, like...'oh no, I did it!' We were dying laughing! You could tell it had taken her all night to plan it and get the courage up to do it.
Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween! I wish we could have visited some family! :( Maybe next year, since Halloween should fall on a weekend!

My Girls! :)

I am the luckiest Mom in the whole wide world! :)

This is the first picture where you can tell how light Olivia's eyes are compared to Abby's. I think we might have a blue-eyed beauty on our hands!

My littlest ballerina got tired and frustrated, but Abby was ready for more pictures! :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008


We put Olivia in the Bumbo for the first time tonight! I had no idea what was about to break out from this simple act!

How adorable is she!?
Uh-oh, I recognize that hand that is coming.....Abby has realized what we were doing and.....

aahhhhahahahaha! She was NOT happy about it! Is this pathetic or what? Scott and I were laughing so hard!

Olivia decides to fight back....that didn't help the situation any!-haha!

Good grief...she sat in it for a sec. and then could care less. Ugh....I knew I would have to deal with this for years, but didn't think it would start this soon!-ha!


The last 2 days have been so nice, we were able to play outside all afternoon and wait outside for Scott to get home. Today, Abby wanted him to throw her in the air! He threw her in the air alright! :)

She turned to me, mid-air, posed and said 'Cheese!'-haha! This one is NOT afraid of heights.

Trick-or-Treat trail...

YAY! I told Abby that if she wanted to go to the trick-or-treat trail today, she had to dress up. She was so excited, she agreed!

I had to snap a few pics before we left, because I was afraid we would get there and she would change her mind, but she didn't....she loved it! (she looks so much like me in this pic, it is scary!)
We got in the car and she saw herself in the rear view mirror and her voice got all paniced. She said, ', my face is colored!'-hahaha! I re-assured her that I colored her face and it looked SUPER!

Getting ready to hit the trail!
She had to put on her 'lipstick' first!-haha!

Trick or Treat! (this balloon actually flew away minutes after we got it, so we had to do the whole trail and then go back to the beginning and get another one....who gives kids balloons at the first stop??)

The photographer from the local paper stopped me and asked if he could do a mini-photo shoot with Abby. She did everything he asked of her. This was the only shot I got while he was shooting (he was in my way-ha!). It was so cute. I can't wait to see the pics he got.

Olivia dressed up as a sleepy, yet insanely gorgeous, baby! :)

***Abby has some smarties while we were there and then had a few m&m's on the way home. When she finished eating the m&m's she said, 'Mom, I think I ate too much candy!'-haha! She hasn't even mentioned candy again. She is so funny. She could care less about the candy (thank goodness). She got 2 balloons and she is set for a week.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

'Where's your costume, Abby?'

Today was Abby's Halloween party at storytime and that was the million dollar question. Why was that the question, you ask....because my daughter REFUSED to dress up.-haha! Not a big surprise to anyone that knows Abby. I tried every costume idea you can think of and she wanted none of it. (sigh) Oh well....she was still the cutest one there!;)

Everyone at storytime was cracking up, though. All the parents and the librarians call her Fancy Nancy because she is usually in some CRAZY get-up, but the one day everyone else dresses up, Abby won't.

***Does everyone remember the chefs hat?? She wore this thing everyday for about 6mo. straight. We still see people out (sometimes strangers) and they remember the hat and will ask her where it is.

No family picture was complete without Abby in the hat!-ha!

***We met a little old man in Subway one day and he hit the nail on the head when he said, 'she certainly marches to the beat of her own drum, doesn't she!?' Yes...yes she does. And, that is the one thing I love about her the most. :)
***We have a trick-or-treat trail downtown tomorrow and Halloween Friday. Maybe she will surprise me and dress up for one of those. I told her I won't take her trick-or-treating if she doesn't dress up, so we will see. My bet is she could care less and we will just stay here and hand out candy!-ha!
***It's going to be a loooong 15-18yrs!-haha!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

'Welcome to my world!'

Hello,'s Olivia! :) I wanted to share with you all a little of what I go through every day!

There I am, just relaxing in Dad's recliner and here she big sister!
Not a surprise...she has some long winded story to tell we go.....

Yes, she is still talking....

Today's story is about the park. I guess she has forgotten that I have already been to the park with her numerous times. She did tell me that I could go with her and Nanny when I get bigger....

but I want to go with her and Nanny now! The lip has always worked for her, I think I will give it a try!
Whew...she said I could go!...I'm happy again!:) Even though she drives me a little crazy, she sure is a great big sister! (and don't tell her, but I like her stories! ;)


Of course the weather has gone from 75 to freezing (and will be 70 again by Thur.), but Abby looks so cute in her new hat. She wanted to play outside so bad today, so we bundled up a bit and went out. She wanted to hunt pumpkins again. She lasted quite a while, but then decided it would be more fun to take the pumpkins in and paint them.

She even shared some with me so I could paint our pumpkin family!-ha!

She was so cold she had to steal my Ugg's!-haha! She walks around like this all the time! She has been obsessed with these boots since I got them last year!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't blink... true! Why do our babies have to grow up so fast!? :( I put some of today's pictures in October 2007 folder by accident. When I went to move them, I saw these pics. This was Oct. 17 of last year!

Look at them...just one year ago! They spent the better part of today pushing those same strollers and babies!-haha!

Vanessa-I can't believe when we first met Abby and Suz were just babies. We have accumulated quite a few kiddos in the last 2 years!-haha!

Fun with Friends...

Abby and I went over and hung out with my friends daughters while she went to an appt. Her daughters are such sweethearts! We had such a good time.

The big girls playing a little backyard bingo!
Ella getting her first look at Olivia. She loved Olivia, it was so sweet!...and it's a good thing since she will be a big sister soon! :)

Snack Time!..yum yum!
Keeping a close eye on the baby!
Olivia loves watching the big kids play! She would smile everytime one stopped to talk to her!

My goodness...that sweet little face! :)

Pumpkin Hunt...

Abby had it made this weekend. Nanny, Goggy and Gi-gi came to visit. Goggy and Gi-gi brought a bunch of little pumpkins to hide in the yard. Abby had a blast searching for them. 'Found One!'

Collecting her pumpkin loot!

Admiring her pumpkin stash! :)

And, Olivia got her first lounge chair this weekend. It is so big, it's hilarious. She will grow into it one day! :) For now, she looks so funny sitting in it, it's great entertainment for us!

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