Friday, May 30, 2008

Some Fun in the Sun!

It is officially summer in Southern IL! While temps. had been abnormally cool (and boy was my pregnant self happy about that, hahaha!) it is 90 today! We had plans to go to Toddler Time at a local pool, but our friends called, and it doesn't start until next week. :-( The pool in the next town over (which is the GREATEST pool for kids I have ever) doesn't open until tomorrow. :-( Not ones to be discouraged easily, Abby and I hopped in the car and went to Target to get a new pool. Abby wanted this one. It is a very cool pool, and it was on sale!:-) (oh, and I learned my lesson the hard way last year, and this year I bought an electric pump to blow it up, hahaha!)

Jumping into her new pool! (She was a trooper, it was freezing. I carried out a few pans full of hot water from the sink to help out a little)

Posing with her 'friend, the giraffe!' Everyone is now her friend or someone's friend. She always asks, 'when will my friend, Daddy, be home?' Or, 'Papaw's friend, Goggy, will be here this weekend!' It's so sweet!

She played for longer than I thought she would before the grub digging began. hahaha! She got out of the pool and said, 'turn it off, I'm done.....we can give it to another kid!' hahaha!

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Fideles Four said...

Oh how fun! Casey's sister bought our girls the same pool! : )

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