Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pictures, Updates, Life!:-)

I have tons of new pics to share, so here are some of my favorites!!

EXCITING NEWS!-We got an offer on the house yesterday. We are countering today, so here's to hoping all goes well. Now, the search for our new house is on! Wish us luck. We are going to need it! LOL!

Nanny (my mom) was here this weekend and here is one of my favorites of her and Abby!:-)
Silly girl! She LOVES her Tupperware. I need to thank Missy, again!
Daddy's girl! Soon he is going to really have his hands full! :-)
What a pair. Abby ADORES her Daddy! The other day he was acting like a dog and she introduced Scott to her new toy and said, 'this is my puppy!' hahahaha!
We are SO sick of hearing, 'are you all going to try again for a boy?' Or the guys at Scott's work keep saying, 'oh, you can admit it, you wanted a boy!' AAAAAAHHHH!! Why do people think that and say that. If this was your life and this what you got to look at and be with every day, why on Earth would we NOT want another little girl!? I told Scott the next time someone says that to me, I am going to say, 'no, but we might try for twin GIRLS!' :-)

She is such a little worker. Her little legs are covered with paint, grass, dirt, everything. I love it! :-)
With Mr. John, her coach/teacher! She has perfected the toe point. :-)
Our furry child. Or as Abby says 100 times a day, 'look at my dog....isn't he precious!?' hahaha! She is constantly in his face saying, 'hello, sweetie....look at you precious sweetie!' She is so full of it. He is sweet, though. I think she has found her first real best friend in Dixon!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's a.......

That's's a GIRL!! YAY!!...I get another girl!!:-) We are so excited. We have both had a feeling all along it was a girl. Actually, we've always said we would have all girls, and so far we are heading in that direction. :-) Scott is just the PERFECT girl Daddy...what can I say?! Everything looks GREAT. She moved like CRAZY the entire time, kicking the u/s probe, etc. (the techs were teasing that they needed a way to sedate her, hahaha!) We have a feeling she will be VERY much like her big sister!

We had a student that was studying to be an ultrasound tech. do our u/s first. We were her final exam!:-) Then, the actual tech. did an u/s, so we got to watch her for over an hour. Our parents and Abby got to see her, too. Abby is really excited about her little sister. As we were leaving the hospital, she was clapping her hands and yelling, 'I'm getting a baby sister!' It was the first time she had acknowledged, and been happy about, a new sibling. hahaha! We are now going to start seriously saving for weddings and proms, but that's okay, we couldn't be more excited.

No, she doesn't have a name, yet!:-) We will let everyone know when she does. Abby wants to name her Abigail, hahaha. We told her we might just have to pick something else, even though Abigail is a perfect name.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Camera.....

I am trying hard to figure out everything on my new camera. It is so AWESOME! Here are a few of my far!:-) These were edited using our old editing system. I haven't even attempted the software that came with the camera or anything more advanced, but I am working on it. I can't even imagine what I will be able to do, once I learn all of that. Enjoy these pics of our beautiful 'practice model!' :-) She is being a good sport about having the camera in her face all day long. hahaha. We even took it to school with us this morning and got some cute pics of all the kiddos in her class.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Please Sell, House.....

This is my plea to our house! We have another showing tonight. I have been frantically getting things ready. For every mess I clean up, three more are made by a cute little girl, who shall remain nameless. She is currently closed out of all rooms but the kitchen and living room. hahaha! Anyways, we have found a house that we would LOVE to buy, and the minute we have an offer on this house, we are putting a contract on the house the house. So, any prayers or good luck thoughts would be GREAT, and for those of you that remember our last go around at selling our home, you know we need all the good thoughts we can get, hahaha! We only have a limited amount of time to have our house on the market, since I refuse to be moving at 8-9mo. prego, and I am already itching to get rooms done for Abby and the new baby. Which reminds me.....

WE HAVE OUR BIG U/S ON FRIDAY!!!! YAY! Hopefully, we will find out we are having another healthy, beautiful baby! Any guesses on what it will be????.......Scott and I both say girl. We shall see.:-)

Okay, back to getting the house ready to show. Hopefully, in the next few weeks I will be posting about a big move!!

Oh, and I got my Mother's Day present yesterday. An AWESOME new camera that I have been dying for. I am sooooo excited. It is UNBELIEVEABLE. So, we should have lots of new pics VERY soon!! :-)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mommy Bear...

The other day I caught Abby reading to her bear. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. She had a blankie down, with him on her little lap, reading to him just like we read to her. I got one pic before she realized I was watching her.....

Awwwwwww......She's so sweet!

She had to cheese for me, once she knew I was watching her! :-)

She brought her bear to me all swaddled! She wraps him up all by herself and puts him to sleep, feeds him, takes him for walks, etc. She's such a good little mommy!

Zoo Field Trip! :-)

Getting ready for the fun to begin. These are Abby's little friends, Seth and Grace. They are also our neighbors!:-)

Isn't this the cutest picture?

The giraffes were SO close. It was CRAZY! They were eating so close to the fence, you could have reached out and thouched them. They seemed harmless enough, so we put the kids there for a pic. hahaha!

Outside the penguin/puffin house! Quite possibly the neatest zoo exhibit I have ever seen.

Petting the guinea pigs. She loved them and wanted to take one home. No way, Abby!
Not only did Abby stop to see every animal, but we also had to stop and look at every flower, every leaf, every tree, every stick, every rock, (you get the picture, hahaha!). She is such a little nature lover!:-)

This is actually the hippo exhibit, but I could not get a pic of the hippo down there swimming. By the time I would get her up there, they would swim off, but it is so neat. Maybe next time.

Abby's little school program had a field trip to the zoo on Thursday. The weather was PERFECT and we had a blast. I think we walked well over 5miles. Abby was a little trooper and walked almost all of it, too. Her new thing is to say, 'I can't want....' and when I pulled out the stroller she said, 'I can't want to ride in the stroller,' so the stroller stayed here, and she walked it all like a big girl. (except for the last 30min. and I had to carry least I got a good work-out that day) I'm sure we will have MANY more trips to the zoo this summer.....anyone is welcome to come along. It's a lot of fun!! :-)


Abby's new favorite thing is to do something funny or cute and yell, 'take of a picture of me!' hahaha! I guess after 2 yrs. of constant picture taking, she has finally decided to just play along. She also loves taking pictures of us with the camera or the phone. We have to do all sorts of funny faces, etc. She is so creative. :-) Maybe she will grow up to be a photographer! Here are some of HER photo ideas! :-)

In Mommy's running shoes!

Buried in Mommy's clothes!

With her potty on her head. Sort of gross, but at least it is getting some use these days. (potty traning has slowed down....but we are still working on it and some days she does GREAT!:-)

And, one of our 'self pictures!' :-)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our Bathing Beauty....

Abby has been telling everyone that she has a new purple bathing suit, which was a little fib, but I guess she knew what she wanted, because when I took her to pick out a new suit, this is what she picked. I think it's PERFECT and very BEAUTIFUL! :-) She looks like such a big girl in it! She is a little solid muscle. Check out those legs! :-)

Checking her 'messages' in her new suit. hahaha!

Guess Who's Getting Fat.....

18 weeks! I can still wear a belt, but I know those days will be ending soon! hahaha!
Better shot of just the belly! I totally forgot how big your belly gets. I tried on some of my maternity clothes the other night and WHOA....this is nothing. hahaha!

And, Abby had to get in on the belly shot action! hahaha! She is so funny! :-)

Me! :-( I am 18 weeks already and we find out what we are having on the 25th! YAY! I need to figure out how to put a poll on here, so everyone can vote on whether they think it's a boy or girl. I'll look into that. I started feeling the baby move this week, and finally popped out some.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Abby's Tupperware/PJ Party!

All ready for her first Tupperware Party!

Checking out the merchandise! hahahaha!

Abby went to her first Tupperware Party last night. It was a pajama party and it didn't start until 7:00, so she got to party late and thought that was AWESOME! :-) It was SUPER cute. They had goodies, fun food, coloring sheets and games for the kids. And, we ordered her some fun stuff for the kitchen. She is such a good cook and such a big helper in the kitchen, she needed some of her own stuff. ;-)

Thanks, Amanda and Missy for another fun party!!

Scott's Turkey! (gobble, gobble)

Abby and Daddy posing with their turkeys. Abby had to get her Little People turkey and join in the fun! :-)

After 3 long days of hunting, Scott got a turkey. Abby thinks the turkey was just asleep and that Scott took him back to his mommy and daddy last night!:-) I hope she thinks that for MANY years to come. Scott also thinks that I am going to eat the turkey, once he fries it. Ummmm....not so much. Just like he thought I would eat his dove, rabbit and other various game. (he might get me to try to bite, but that will probably be about it....I just can't get past the idea that turkeys should be stuffed and on the table at Thanksgiving....not in my garage with feathers one minute and then sliced up and in my fridge the next)

Anyways, Congrats Scott!! hahahaha! YAY!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Afternoon at the park!:-)

Yesterday was the most gorgeous day we have had in a long time. Scott was off work and went hunting in the morning, but he was home all afternoon, so we decided to take Abby fishing for the first time. There is a great little park in Lebanon where we can play, walk and fish.

Playing with Daddy!
Waiting patiently with her bucket of worms! :-)

Good thing Scott had these little things in his tackle box. They kept her busy for a long time. hahaha.

Off to the nature hike! She hiked a huge hill with no help. When we got to the top, she found a place to sit down and said, 'I need a rest!' hahahaha!

Sweeping up the leaves on the trail. We didn't have the heart to tell her that would take her until she was 5, so she did some sweeping!

So, we didn't catch any fish, but that's okay, she had a blast and even thanked Scott last night for taking her fishing! :-) She would live outside, if she could. I have a feeling it's going to be a loooong, HOT summer for me! hahahaha!

Weekend Fun!

We had another busy, fun-filled weekend. Nanny came to visit. We had an Open House. We went to the mall, got Dixon groomed, played, played and played since the weather was so beautiful. And, Scott and I even got to go to dinner alone (which hasn't been done since we were on vacation in Gatlinburg in August, hahaha!)

Nanny got Abby a shirt you can color with markers. She did such a good job. She even wore the shirt Sunday! :-)

The finished project!

Our little nature girl isn't afraid of anything. She finally got to dig up some worms. She loved it. We got to do it again yesterday before we went fishing!

We had to kill time for the Open House and she talked us into going to the mall to ride the 'merry round' and train! She's quite convincing!;-)

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