Thursday, May 15, 2008

Something to share....

I heard about this story from a friend of a friend. This man, Matt, had a baby 7 weeks ago, and his wife passed away less than 24hrs. later. His blog is unbelievable. I love and admire his honesty. I wanted to pass it along. If I am ever having a bad day, it takes about 1 sec. of reading his blog to snap myself back to reality and realize that I have no reason at all to be a bad mood or complain about a bad day.

Anyways, he is now raising his daughter, Madeline, with the love and support of their family and friends. I think he should write a book one day. His story is a tear-jerker, I warn you now, and you will become addicted to reading his blog and looking at his pictures. There is a section you can click on that has the whole story, from the begining, and a section that is all about his beautiful wife, Liz! :-(

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