Monday, June 30, 2008

Good News....(hopefully)

After getting the run around about high speed internet for nearly 2 weeks, we should have it by Wed. YAY! They were going to hook it up Friday, but then called and said, 'no, we would not be able to get DSL until there were more people on this street, and then they would run a line!' That could be years. :-( So, Scott gets to work this morning and they call and tell him that after looking around out here some more, we CAN get DSL and they will be here Wed. to hook it up. We will believe it when we see it, but I am really hoping that they are right this time. I can't get any pics on here without it. It took me almost an hour to get that one little pic that I posted while I was testing different sites the other day.

So......CHECK BACK THURSDAY AND HOPEFULLY WE WILL HAVE LOTS OF PICS FOR EVERYONE! We have been having lots of fun and I have pics from the beach at Carlyle Lake, the Peanut Butter and Jelly Festival, and MUCH more!! :-)

Thursday, June 26, 2008


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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


We are moved. I can't get any pictures on here, because as of now, we have dial-up and I have tried EVERYTHING, and nothing works. I am mad as can be, but getting over it. hahaha! (If anyone knows any tricks to getting pics uploaded with dial-up, let me know!) Hopefully, we will have high-speed again soon.

Moving....well, it pretty much stinks. Hopefully, we won't have to do it again until Scott retires in another 20 yrs. At that point, I told him we should just get rid of everything, buy one of those big RV's and spend our time following the girls to college, traveling, etc. hahaha! But, of all the people I know, Scott and I are the LEAST likely to ever do anything like's taken us days to adjust to a new house and moving, and we still aren't what I would call THRILLED, so I don't think life on the road would be for us. hahaha!

The New's great. I am having a really hard time with things not being done and where I want them, but it's getting there. I just need a couple of days to tackle this place, but considering the fact that I am having another child in 2 mo., a day or 2 to tackle this house with no interruptions is just not going to happen, hahaha, so we are taking it one box, one room, one mess at a time for now. The major things are done, so that's AWESOME, it's just all the little things. We love the town/neighborhood/etc. Abby was really out of sorts for a few days. One night was really bad, and she whined herself to sleep, telling me she wanted, 'to go home,' 'this isn't our house, I want our old house,' 'I don't want this house!' Talk about heart-breaking, but today for the first time, as we pulled onto our street, she yelled, 'we're home,' just like she always did at the old house. YAY! If moving has been this big of an adjustment, I can only imagine what it will be like when Olivia is born....too bad we don't have an elephant's gestational period, and I could carry her for another year or 2! hahaha!

The Actual Move....was he!!~ Just ask anyone that was helping that day! But, I can not Thank everyone enough. We could not have done it without every single person. We are thinking about getting everyone shirts made that say, 'I Survived the Utley Move 2008!' hahaha! The people that bought our house and their realtors can be summed up in one word....A-HOLES! I really wish they were nice, because we love our old house and we left on such crappy terms because of them. I was really hoping that whoever bought our hosue would love it and enjoy it as much as we have the last 4 yrs. Hopefully, they will!

Anyways, THANK YOU to everyone that helped this past weekend. And, if you couldn't help...don't worry....we still have a fence to build, landscaping to do and a patio to pour!! hahaha! There is still time to get in on the fun!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home...

Finally, I got some good pics of the house. We were able to take 2 car loads over and clean tonight. I wanted to put some pics up, because it might be a while before we have internet. AT&T is not sure if they can service our address with high-speed. Ahhh, the joys of moving into the 'country!' I only say country, because that is what people refer to it as around here. I think they would croak if they saw some areas of Harrison County or Webster County! hahaha! But, it is a MUCH more rural area, VERY small town (population of about 1300), and an EXCELLENT school system. We are sooooo excited. Tomorrow will no doubt be a crazy, busy day. Everyone will be here to help (Thank Goodness), we close on both houses, etc. I can't wait to post the after pics of the girls' rooms, etc.

Here it is.....
One of the best things about the's the view from our back door!
Our neighborhood. It's so nice. Everyone has big lots and the houses are spaced so that everyone has room, but you still have neighbors.
Some inside pics....

Built in computer desk in the kitchen...AWESOME!
Our bathroom is one of my favorite rooms. Dual sinks...YAY! There is also a bug whirlpool/jet tub, and a shower (with a seat....not sure who sits in the shower, but COOL! hahaha!)
Another of my favorites, the walk-in closet is HUGE! This is just one side of it...HEAVEN! Look at all that room for my shoes! :-)

Hopefully, some of you can come and visit soon! I think I will have just enough time to get everything good and ready before Olivia gets here! :-)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In One Day...

We will have the keys to our new house. The seller was kind enough to let us get them tomorrow, even though we close on Friday. Which is AWESOME, because we will be able to clean and take some boxes over tomorrow. Friday is the BIG move. We are getting excited...well, once the stress of it all passes, I think we will be excited. hahaha!

And, I had a Dr. appt. this morning and the first thing she said to me was, 'How's your third trimester treating you!' WHAT!? Where did the first 2 go...I didn't even realize I was THAT far along sounds so offical and almost done!! I swear, this has been the shortest pregnancy EVER! I am now going every couple weeks. Everything looked GREAT! As some of you know, I had a very hard/scary fall ay my IL's Friday night, so it was nice to be re-assured that everything looks good and Olivia is perfect. My butt and pelvis are still sore, but not as bad as they were! Thankfully, my ghetto booty took the brunt of the fall. I always knew that thing would come in handy one day. hahaha!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Celebration of Dads!

I want to say a Happy Be-lated Father's Day to all the Dads we know!

Obviously, I think Abby has the BEST Father EVER! But, not only was she blessed with a wonderful Daddy, she has also has some of the greatest Grandpas and Uncles out there. I wanted to put some of my favorite pics of her with all the 'men' in her life....(these better be the only men in her life for many many many years, hahaha!)

The first time Daddy held her! :-)
Some of my favorites of them over the years!




Me and my Daddy!
Great-Grandpa Dan!
Great-Papaw Utley!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fun in Forest Park!

Forest Park is the large park in St.Louis that contains the zoo, Science Center, Muny Theater, ice skating rink, trails for running and biking, picnic pavillions, etc. Well, Scott's division has a picnic there each summer and it was today. We had a nice time at the picnic but after 2 hrs in the 90+ degree heat, we decided to pass on the zoo and go to the Science Center. We have been to the zoo a number of times, but this was Abby's first trip to the Science Center. She LOVED it! (leaving actually resulted in quite an out of the ordinary fit, hahaha!)

In mid-air on the musical hopscotch! She was so light she could barely make the notes play.:-)
Illusion house.
The sweetest most beautiful thing to ever enter the Illusion House! :-)
Mind teasers and puzzles.

Her favorite exhibit...ANIMALS! And, of course, we find a dog like Dixon!

It was so funny. The have an enormous, super cool dinosaur display with HUGE dinosaurs that move. She was so excited about going to see it, but once we got down there, she was not too sure. She decided she would just have a seat at a safe distance and look at them. hahaha!
Still not too sure! :-)
But, she loved looking at all the dinosaur bones. This was actually dinosaur poop, so she was extra interested in that. She has been talking about the dinosaur turd all night! hahaha! Resting on the Arch buliding blocks, just being cute! :-)
My growing belly, and proof that I survived an entire day of walking and extreme heat, and I am still smiling (I won't say that there was NO complaining involved, but it was minimal)! hahaha!

Water Slide!!

Our neighbors bought the greates backyard water slide EVER! I am so jealous that there isn't one for the adults (haha!), but the kids love this one!

Look at that thing!
And, they're off!
Through the tunnel to the BIG slide!
She was brave, but cautious.
Demanded to do it herself after a while, but Seth is so sweet and waited to catch her every time! :-)

Thanks, Amanda! Maybe next time we can keep them interested a little longer. I mean, there was only an inflatable water slide in the back yard....geez!! hahahaha!

Hang On, Abby!!

We finally got a wacky noodle for the pool. It has yet to make it to the pool with us, but it has provided endless fun here at home...and possible back surgery for Scott! hahaha!

He swings her so wild and fast, I nearly have a heart attack, but she proved the other night that even if she lets go, she is still secure. She didn't fly across the room, so I guess I trust them to keep playing!

Monday, June 9, 2008

U/S Update:

Thanks so much for all of the prayers and good thoughts....the worked! Thanks, too, for the calls, etc.

The Dr. called today and everything looks good. To quote her: 'your placenta looks good and the previously noted focus on the heart was not visible!' YAY!!...(I wonder what a good placenta looks like, BTW? hahaha!) I just found it very funny that she used that adjective to describe my placenta. So, Olivia and I have the all clear on everything. Hopefully, we will sail right through these last 13 weeks!

Just wanted to let everyone know. I wish I had a scanner hooked up and working, because I want to post her u/s pics. I might try to take a pic of them and see if that works and post some.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Let the moving begin....

Okay, so we got a little side tracked at first, but it has been a successful few days. Abby loved discovering that she could ride in the wheel-barrow, so we had to take turns pushing her.

Oh, please! hahaha! What a dork! Scott found some of his old 'toys': bats, golf clubs, etc. One day we will have time for that stuff, again, Scott...yeah right! hahaha!
This is barely a quarter of it all....and this is mostly things from the attic only!
Well, good thing we packed up our ENTIRE house last year, too. Now we have all the boxes we need for this year. hahaha! I told Scott that if I have to move into this house for a THIRD time, I will burn it to the ground first! hahaha!

Only 12 days and we will be in our NEW house! YAY!
P.S. I don't have any u/s results, yet. I won't know anything until tomorrow, but she looks GREAT, and she is for sure a girl. And, a very active little girl, too. (she's going to be just like her Big Sister:-) She was grabbing her knees and doing toe touches the entire u/s. We know she is perfect. Hopefully, the Dr. will tell us all good news tomorrow!

No such thing as too many shoes!

hahaha! As all women know, there is no such thing as too many shoes, and Abby is no exception! What??'s not normal for a 2 yr. old to have over 30 pairs of shoes? hahaha! But, how perfect that I can now say, 'well, we will get our money's worth, since Olivia will be able to wear them, too!'

She is very particular about her shoes, too. She loves crocs and even pics out her own tennis shoes and sandals. :-)

'Oh, these are beautiful!' (notice: someone is in her panties! YAY!:-)

Yeehaw, cowgirl! 'Yes, those are nice, Abby!'

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