Monday, May 12, 2008


Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day. We had a fun time. My Grandma lives in a retirement home, or as we call it, College for the Elderly, hahaha! (It really is like college living, except the average age is 80, instead of 20.) Anyways, our family got together at the home and cooked for all of the residents. I think everyone had a good time, even if the karaoke was loud enough to make us all go deaf, hahaha!

Abby and Dad making pancakes!! Thanks, Abby! You really are a good little cook!:-)

Kickin' it Old School....reeeeaaaallllly old school. hahaha! I am pretty sure you haven't lived until you have heard someone your Grandmother's age sing 'Killing Me Softly!' hahaha! Granted, it wasn't the Fugees version, but still.....everyone had fun with the karaoke.
See, the girls LOVED it! :-)
Some family pics....



nanny said...

those are all so good, i want copies of all of the pictures from the weekend. Thanks for coming down and sharing mothers day with me. I love you all

wick said...

Weekend like that just make it all worth it. Kids, parents, friends, grands. LOVE IT!!!

kj said...

Okay I am TOTALLY blog stalking you!! I just had to say hi, my maiden name is Utley!!! (I am from Oklahoma and there aren't many Utley's so when I see one I get excited!!) I am a Johnson now! My grandfather is Leo (Jack) Utley and all his family is from McAlester and Checota, Oklahoma!

Have a great day!! Karyn

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