Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh, Liv...

This child just cracks me up. She grows into her own little personality more and more every day! She sure is a child that knows what she wants!...and that just so happens to be wearing panties on the outside of her clothing. ha!

And, her dog! She LOVES Dixon. I have a feeling that as she gets older, I am going to lose my battle with the dog issues, and he will end up sleeping in her room, beside her bed!

Wow, she sure is scared that I caught her on that basket, turning the lights on and off, isn't she!?

And, again...this time with her shades. She loves clothes and shoes and it's nothing for her to have one 10 necklaces, a pair of sunglasses, panties on the outside of her clothing, shoes over a sleeper, Abby's shoes name it!

She has the sweetest most adorable little can't harldy stand it! :)
I thought for sure that Abby was going to be the high maintenace, hard headed one and SURELY my other child would be laid back and go with the flow....WRONG!! haha! I've got two of them! hahaha!

Never a dull moment around here....

If you haven't noticed, we run a WILD house and we have no problem with chaos! Good thing, huh?! haha!

Go, Abby!!! Weeeeeeee......

Maybe by the time the girls are old enough to compete, there will be synchronized gymnastics @ the Olympics! haha!

Dad's drawer of animal calls....endless FUN!!!!! hahahaha! Scott thinks Abby is going to be a world class turkey caller! ha! Liv is sharpening her calling skills, too!

And, look at this pair. Once again in the drawers with the calls and check out those outfits!

And, a little foot race. The main level of our house is a perfect place for some racing. (I used to walk this lap for hours while pregnant, and even when in labor with Liv). We have LOTS of races. Abby had on her little swimsuit and she reminded me of those serious, real deal marathon runners in their little running gear! Solid muscle and fast as lightning!

Future track and field star, maybe!? She's so fast. She tells us all the time, 'none of the kids at school can catch me!' hahaha! Go, Abby, Go!

Sisters and Friends! :)

The girls have their moments of fighting and I can only imagine what the future holds by means of what the fights will be like (Lord help us!), but the fighting is short lived and the majority of the time they are playing and laughing and getting into trouble together...just like sisters should be! :)

Liv will crawl right up in Abby's lap, just like she does ours. It's so funny, especially considering she is almost as big as Abby..haha!

I had to grab the camera the other morning when I saw this...they were having SO much fun, just being silly while brushing their teeth. I LOVE it!

She thinks her big sister is the funniest person EVER!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day!

**Abby, hard at work making Valentines for her class...she wasn't feeling all that great and didn't want me to take her picture but I snuck this one in.

**Come to find out, the reason Abby wasn't feeling well was because she had a double ear infection!! WHAT!? We have never dealt with ear infections (thank God), and I hope that was the last of them.
**But, by the weekend she was feeling a little better. Scott worked all day Valentine's Day and I worked that evening, so we gave the girls their Valentine's on Sat. (Scott and I didn't exchange Valentines because he came home Friday with the gift I bought for him, so I just returned the one I bought, and while returning his gift, I picked up some things I had been wanting: a book, etc. and that is what he was getting me!-hahahaha!)
**The girls with their goodies! :)

AQUA SAND (what in the he!! was I thinking!?) But, she has been talking about it forever and it is really neat and she LOVES it, so....Aqua Sand it is!
It's neat, you can build things underwater, but when you pick it up it's dry.

What sweet little Valentine's we have! :)

Liv's first pig tails! :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sara's Shower in Dixon, KY!

As I have mentioned before, my sister in law is expecting her first baby in April, and we are SO excited! Little Will will be here before we know it. Yesterday was her shower in Dixon.

With all 4 Grandparents present and Liv not wanting to take a nap, our Dad's thought that this was a good enough alternative, cover her with a blanket and let someone rock her...sweet, but not quite napping! ;) Liv loves her Goggy!!

Me and Sara!! :) It's so neat that we have been posing for pictures together since our college/sorority days and now we are still standing next to each other at our weddings and now baby showers! :) (for those of you that don't know, Sara and I were BFF's long before I ever started dating her convenient to marry the brother of one of your best friends!-haha!)

There was a stage (complete with a piano) at the community center where we had the shower...need I say more! haha! Abby was in heaven, putting on shows, dancing, playing the piano with the big girls...

And, Liv is content just standing back and watching all the madness, daring anyone to try and hold her..haha!

Imagine that...Abby won one of the games! :)

So many goodies for Baby Will!! :) Abby is so excited about her new boy cousin!

And, THIS...this is just ridciulous, but it made Scott and I laugh so hard, I had to share it! We are just slightly similiar...just slightly! haha!

And, would think we practiced our facials before the shower...haha!

Awwwww, Abby and Uncle Jeff (the Daddy to be).

Family pictures...always so lovely...hahaha! For real, is it too much to ask for one photo where everyone cooperates!?

And, Sara with Gi-gi (Scott and Sara's Mommy:), and Nanny (their Grandma!:)

These boots are made for walkin'...

Liv is OBSESSED with shoes, especially Abby's shoes! She came out with her cowboy boots on the other day! ha!

ha...I Love It!

Could it be!?!?!?!?

A snack food/sweet that Abby will eat!? Yep, she ate an oreo....and, liked it. It was such a big deal, we had to get pictures!


Sick of the weather, Sick of being sick...

So, ever since that well visit we had about 3weeks ago, someone in this house has been sick! Ugh! It started with Abby getting the flu mist, and OF COURSE, she had a reaction to it and got sick. Once she was feeling better, I had a rough week, then Liv had it, then last week Abby started puking and was very sick for a few days, and now I am not sure if Liv is sick again or just teething. I think just teething, but she hasn't napped in 3 days...aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! I'm not quite sure why the non-eating and non-sleeping upsets and frustrates me so much, considering we have been battling it since Abby was a day old, but it's hard...really hard when you have a child, or children, that have sleeping/eating issues. So, we are now dealing with counting Abby's calories again, because after being sick she has lost weight (and, as you all know, she is already itty-bitty), so we are have just been taking the last few weeks one day at a time and trying to get everyone healthy and back on schedule!

Monkey see-Monkey Do! Liv is Abby's little copy's so sweet! (you can tell in this picture, that Abby isn't feeling great! :( poor thing!)

I will do just about anything to get them to eat, and since we can't exactly have picnics outside, we had a little picnic in the living room!

Look at that little face...such a big girl now! :)

hahahaha! Love this one...she is such a nut!

TENT!! We LOVE making tents in the living room. They played in this thing for hours one afternoon!

Now....COME ON , SPRING!...Of couse, they are calling for 6 inches of snow tomorrow night! UGH! If we are snowed in and Liv is still refusing to sleep and Abby is still refusing to eat or sleep, I really will be in the closet with a bottle of wine....hahaha!

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