Monday, May 5, 2008

Wii Weekend....

The Wii players in action!
I think Abby won!! YAY, Abby! hahaha!

I stole this pic from Amanda's blog!:-) So sweet! Abby is going to be quite the golfer. Hopefully, she will have her Daddy's patience and not mine! :-)

The kiddos zoning out while watching Scott and Richie play Wii. They were sooooo tired. Abby was out about 5min. after everyone walked out the door!

Well, Scott finally got a Wii. Sara found one for him in Marion, IL. We had people in 3 states looking for one. hahaha! I haven't played much (someone hogs it all and thinks they are the boss of it:-), but I am excited about Wii Fit that comes out later this month. Scott loves it, and so does Abby. She really thinks she is playing, too. It's so funny! Gigi and Goggy came to visit, and they got to see the house that we will (hopefully) be buying (surprise, surprise...we have ran into some issues concerning flood insurance, etc. but we are working on all of that RIGHT this min. and will hopefully be writing an offer on the house this evening). We had a great day playing with them. Yesterday was GORGEOUS and we spent all day outside. I even got to steal away on a long walk with Dixon, while Scott and Abby planted some flowers. We had a little neighborhood grill out at Amanda and Richie's yesterday evening. After that, they came over to play Wii. The kids were exhausted, but we had a great time. (and Abby slept until 8am...YAY!)

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