Sunday, November 21, 2010

More Halloween Fun...

As I mentioned below, we have a good time with Halloween. The girls are at such fun ages. They are so into everything that the Holidays involve. I love it.

Highland Trick or Treat trail. Abby's 3rd costume (there were 4 this year-haha).

This picture cracks us up. Scott was telling Abby and I to say cheese and look at little Liv in the background. She thought she was having her pic taken, too!

How dare we leave her out!

And, more from Halloween night.

Going through their loot. Considering that they only eat the suckers, gum and maybe Liv will try something else, the candy gathering is pretty much just for sport. We pick out what we want and the rest is trashed, but it's still fun. We showed them how we used to sort our candy when we were little. :)

And, the great Halloween Crash of 2010! haha! They were DONE!

Halloweeen Festivities

We love Halloween around here. Abby has always enjoyed Halloween and Liv is excited about anything we are excited about, so we had a big time this year.

Decorating pumpkins....

Abby's 2nd costume of the year....Snow White for her class party! :)

And, theser are out of order because I use both cameras most of the time, but here they are getting ready to leave for Trick-or-Treating. This was actually Abby's 4th costume this year and Liv's second. They were the cutest witches anyone had ever seen! :)

We all went as witches this year!

Paducah Halloweeen Party!

Aunt Elizabeth had her annual Halloween Party, so we headed down to Paducah. Abby never misses an Aunt Elizabeth party! :)

Scott with all the kids! We were all just chatting and the next thing we know we hear, "uh, can I get some help here, guys!?" haha!
Costume #1 for Abby...a beautiful flower AND Olivia, the wild cat!

And, the girls with Will! He was the cutest little pumpkin!

Nature/Deer Hunt

Scott went scouting a few weeks ago and took the girls along. I know this is going to shock you, but they didn't see any deer. I can't imagine...I am sure they were really quiet! haha! They took along their nature buckets and came back with all kinds of goodies.

LOVE this picture!

*I can see it now, they will be out in their pink camo and shoot a deer bigger than any of the boys! haha!

Story Time

I can't believe my baby is old enough for her own story time class at the library! We started a Mommy and Me session and she loves it! She calls it story time school! ha! She so badly wants to be just like her big sister! :)

So, here she is on her first day of Story Time School!

For as wild as she is, she is very reserved with people and situations that are unfamiliar. She is very much the observer.

She loves doing the arts and crafts...just like big sister! :)

It worked out that the class meets on a morning when Abby is in school, so it's just the 2 of us, which is so nice. She's growing way too fast!

Laura's Wedding...

We also went home that same weekend in Oct. for my friend/college roommate/sorority sister's wedding! :) Laura and I met at college orientation, formed a fast friendship, ditched the people were assigned to room with and requested that they let us room together. It worked and the rest is history! My sister in law, Sara, (Scott's sister) is also my sorority sister and a BFF from college and she was in the wedding, so Scott's family was also in town. It was a win-win weekend for everyone! :) And, if Sara and Jeff were there, that means Baby Will was there....

look how much this kid loves his Auntie Ann! :) (yes, that is what they are insisting on calling me-haha!)

With Uncle Scott!

Heading to the wedding. It was an outdoor wedding at My Old Kentucky Home.

It was GORGEOUS, and so was the bride!

Sara and Laura!

It's been a while...

Let's see how long it takes me to get caught up this time! *sigh*

So, way back in early Oct. we went home to Mom and Dad's for Harvest Homecoming. (We actually went home because my Sister was in town and a friend was getting married, but it happened to be Harvest weekend, too!)

Well, if you know my Sister, you know there's no chance of being home that weekend and not going out! ha! So, we left the kiddos with Mom and Dad and headed down to meet everyone!

It had been way too long since I'd seen my sister! :( Too bad Georgia and Illinois aren't closer!

And, our cousin Billy!

The next morning we took the kiddos town to the kids tent. It was too hot, too crowded and well, I'm just not a big fair person, but it was fun.

Abby on the scrambler with the big boys. Her little butt was flying all over that seat. She was actually behind Sammy most of the time. I almost had a heart attack...she loved it!

Sammy and Abby holding a 'real live snake!'

Mom and Dad took them back down to the rides the next morning, too!
We always have a blast when we are @ home! This was no exception! :)

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