Monday, May 19, 2008

Good Times, Good Friends....

Thursday some friends of ours were in town. Holly and Haley are friends we met last summer at storytime. About 3 mo. ago they moved to Iowa! :-( We were so sad to see them go. Haley and Abby became fast friends, and are sooooo similar. They were in town to finish up the last of their moving, and we were able to meet and hang out for a few hours. The girls had a blast. Their trio was completed with Taryn, another friend from storytime. Chantelle and Taryn were there for the reunion, also.

Abby and Haley!! :-)
All three of the girls having fun! Trying to get a pic of all 3. There's Taryn's eye in the background. LOL! Abby and Haley are always happy to steal the spotlight, and Taryn is just a 'go with flow kind of girl!' We always joke that Abby and Haley have yet to meet a mirror they didn't love, and then there's Taryn, the wild spirit...think surfer girl with no fear!:-) Together, they are a great group!
This was as far as Abby would go. I helped her climb up into the mazes and about 1min. later she was upset, wanting down. The rest of the time she was content to just climb up the slide and slide down. (that's my girl...those things are so dirty, anways, hahaha!....I wonder if I have done lifetime damage by never letting her play in them?;-) But, aren't you all proud??? I happily let her have free run of the play-set, not even making her stop every 15min. to scrub her hands with disinfectant. She made her OWN decision that she didn't like it! hahahahaha!
(for those of you that might be wondering...ONE time, about a year ago, on a rainy day, I decided I would let her go and play in the play-set at McDonalds. We climbed up to the VERY top and what did I see??? All my fears of these germ infested things confirmed.....a HUGE puddle of vomit! That was enough for me, and Abby had yet to go in one until last week! hahahahaha!)

P.S: I am not a germ-o-phobe, I promise!:-) I have no problem letting Abby get covered head to toe in dirt, paint, maker, etc. I just have an issue with the nasty play houses, but I am slowly recovering from that also, as she gets older! I re-read what I wrote and realized I sounded like Kate, from the Jon and Kate Plus 8 show, hahahaha!

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The McAfee Trio said...

that is disgusting! i'm not a fan of those things either!

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