Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm working on it!

If you have emailed, posted on here or on Facebook, I have you accounted for! :) I just need to find the time to do it and get emails out to everyone. Hoping to do it this afternoon when/if Liv naps!!

For those of you that don't have a google account *cough* Mom, my aunts, etc!-ha!, you will have to set up a google account but you can use your normal email account and it only takes a minute! (I can hear my Mom grumbling and having technical difficulties with this all the way from here!-ha!)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Blog is going private....

Well, I am pretty sure that the blog is going to go private. If you are a reader and would like to have access to the blog, just shoot me a message with your email and I will make sure you are on the list. :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Strawberry Pickin'

We love going to Ekert's anytime, but especially during strawberry season. Instead of a tractor they put us on a bus, but oh well! ha! Still fun!

They have the best market and resturants, too!

We had such a fun morning. We were there for hours, lots of goodies and good food! :)


Our neighborhood is situated around a nice big lake, so we are able to go fishing anytime we want. The girls love it, and it's a stocked lake where you throw everything you catch back, so on most evenings, you catch something just about every time you cast.

Had to get a close up of Liv's bow tie! ha!
Wine and bug spray...yep, I'm ready! ha! I actually took that picture for my sister because she got me that cup. I don't normally take a cooler cup of wine fishing with me. It had apparently been a long day. ha!
Love it! :)

She isn't scared of anything. She will touch any bait, any fish, etc.
These crack me up! The fish started going wild and the girls were freaking out!

And look who got the biggest catch of the night! And, that is the first time I ever held a fish!

A day in the life...

I just read this blog that I really enjoy, and the lady did a darling post, documenting her day with her 2 little boys. She is so cute and they had so much fun and her kiddos are so good and happy and she appears to be so organized, etc. and...I nearly wanted to cry! ha! I would do a Day in the Life blog, but 1. anyone reading along that does not have children would certainly never have children after reading it, 2. I am not sure I could make it an entire day of taking pictures without leaving my camera somewhere, losing the lens cap and/or a child dropping and breaking it, and 3. if I did make it an entire day with my camera still in one piece AND remembered to take photos of everything, there is no way I would have time to post it that day (or that week, or heck...maybe even that month at the rate I am going)! And, I think her pictures were staged, anyways...there wasn't one single picture of her kids throwing a fit, fighting her or one another, refusing to nap/go to bed, refusing to eat, singing a made up song about how her rules are stupid, no storming out of the room and declaring that they will never play the other sibling again....nothing! Yep, that's must have been staged...just a make believe story! Whew, I feel better now. haha!

Seriously, though the Day in the Life post reminded me of an incident the other night. After dinner we went to get a snow cone as an after dinner treat. Nothing was out of the ordinary...both girls knocked over their snow cones thus creating a big scene and a big mess at least once, we were the loudest group there, etc. Scott made a comment asking if I noticed how people always stare at us when we are out. At first, I found his comment rude and took slight offense to it because he had to throw in a little dig about how we are similar to a 3 ring circus at all times and how we are the loudest people he knows but that's okay because he's 'noticed all the women in my family are loud, so we get it honest!' (insert daggers flying from my eyes and a smart a$$ comment back about how if he wanted to marry someone boring, then he married the wrong girl-ha!) That all being said, YES...people do stare at us, but usually it's 1 of 3 reasons...1. they stare, then smile, then tell me how beautiful, cute, nicely dressed, etc. my children are :), 2. they notice our accent and want to know what in the world we are doing here-ha! or 3. we are a walking freaking amusement park (yes, I will throw Scott a bone on that one). Well, well...what do you know. The table of people that were staring at us that night fell into category #2!! I hope Scott still feels bad about his comments, especially the ones about all the women in my family being loud and how we are a constant 3 ring circus! I mean, there is no way they were staring for any other reason ;) ha!

Now that I think about it, maybe I will do a Day in the Life post! Could be quite interesting!

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