Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Skating Party!!

Sunday we went to Fun Spot to celebrate Grace's birthday!! :) It was Abby's first time on real roller skates and she did great!

She's off!

These little things were so great for the kids. Abby and Grace shared one until the worked up the nerve to go it alone!

A little limbo! :)

We called this the blind leading the blind. They were holding hands but kept pulling each other over...it took them about 5min. to finally get up...hahaha!

Yay!!!....and, aren't they sweet!?
Happy Early Birthday, Grace!! Thanks, for a super fun party!! :)

The tree is up, then it was down, then up again!

...and so on and so forth! hahaha! For those of you on Facebook also, you have probably heard of the tree drama around here (aka: someone couldn't resist getting UNDER the tree and pulled it down 3 times, breaking a large collection of our ornaments and the tree stand:), but it is up and standing again. We have pictures from the first time it was put up, not so much the second and third time, though. Decorating sort of lost it's appeal after the first 2 times. haha!

Little doll! We had all but blamed her for knocking the tree over. We just knew she would pull it over, eat ornaments, etc. and other than tasting a few, she has been very gentle with the tree! :)
Abby's tree in her room!
Look how thrilled Liv is! hahahaha!

All better now...a big shiny ornament solves lots of problems!
Such big helpers! :) They were both SO excited...I LOVE it!

Our bell ringers!
The finishing touch!! :)

I am pretty sure that Stewart, the elf, will be coming back soon!! Stay tuned for that fun!!! :)

Mirror, mirror on the wall!!

The fairest of them all......:)

This child is Disney princess CRAZY (and, she has never seen a single one of them on film..haha!)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Longest Blog Post EVER!

Well, I have really been slacking with my blogging! Just so darn busy! Anyways, we have been having lots of fun: Halloween, birthdays, anniversary, school, dance, cheer, etc!

Halloween weekend Nanny and Papaw came to spend time with us, and we celebrated Moms birthday a little early! Mom's birthday is Nov. 4, our anniversary is Nov. 6 and my birthday is Nov. 9!!! Lots to celebrate and be thankful for!! :)

Lucky for Abby, her BFF lives down the street. :) They had a Halloween party, so Abby got to spend Halloween with Avery!

Loading up the kiddos to go trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. It was so cold, we didn't go too far, but they didn't know any different! haha!

Pin the arm on the skeleton! Good try, Abby, but not quite! ha!

And, the following pictures are why we never post pics of us with the kids.....
Take 1...

Take 2.....

Take 3....

Finally!...sort of....Liv is still not looking!

Halloween FUN!

And, why I no longer have time to blog....All my free time is spent working! But, I do love it...the girls are so much fun! I have to laugh because I took this job for something fun to do, get out of the house a couple nights a week, etc. and now I leave the chaos of my 2 girls and go work in the chaos of 20+ crazy girls! hahaha! (we took some pics for our website last week, so I thought I would share some)

Some of my All-Star girlies! :)

Goofball Liv! She threw the biggest fit to put on a pair of panties the other day, so here she is in all her glory....Elmo panties! ha! She danced around like she was the coolest little thing ever!! She is SO much fun and so sweet, yet SO rotten!

Scott took Abby to scout some hunting land the other day (which is hilarious in itself), but when they go there almost everything was under water. Well, Scott had promised Abby time in the woods, so they went off looking for a trail that wasn't under water......

And, found it! So beautiful!!!
On the beach!! Go, girl!!

I will try to post pictures more often, I promise!! Hope everyone is well! We have all been a little under the weather, which hasn't helped my blogging, either. Liv had it for a week, Abby is still coughing, I have no voice and spent most of yesterday in the recliner (Thank God Scott was off work for the day), but I am happy to report we all feeling better, and I'm praying that we stay that way through this nasty flu season!

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