Friday, October 30, 2009

Star Student!

Next week Abby is the Star Student of her class and we had to ask them a bunch of questions, so they can do a bulletin board all about her. I just wanted to document her answers! :)

Favorite Sport: Football
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite TV Show: Max and Ruby
Favorite Book: I Spy books
She loves to: Play
Favorite Food: Pizza
What she wants to be when she grows up: Doctor

**I'm not sure how accurate these are, but that's what she said when I asked her that day! haha!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The start of Halloween Fun!

Tuesday was orange day at school, so all the kiddos got to wear some Halloween shirts and do fun things involving the color orange!

Yep....I'm the queen of matching outfits, even though I swore I would NOT be! haha! Soooooo cute, and for now, they love it, so I am taking advantage of it! :)

hahaha! This is what most pictures of the 2 of them look like these days.

We carved our pumpkin last night!

Abby wouldn't touch it...she would only put a spoon in there and scoop it out. Olivia, however, was up to her neck in that pumpkin and eating it! YUCK!!! haha!

Our attempts at taking pictures of the finished product!


Last Friday we headed to Paducah. I finally got to see my pregnant sister in law! YAY! I can't wait until she has a big, huge belly! ha! And, here is the blog's official congrats to Sara and Jeff!! We are SO excited for you all! :)

As soon as we pulled into the driveway, the ice cream truck came down the street! Every child needs to experience getting ice cream from a truck, right? haha!
Dora popcicle! We all tasted it and we were like, 'why is this so awful!?' We finally looked at the package and it said....'banana and strawberry flavored ice!' YUCK! hahaha!
Saturday, Scott's Aunt Elizabeth had a Halloween party! Abby was so excited! We pulled up at Aunt Elizabeth's and Abby said, 'so, what exactly do we do at a Halloween party!?' hahaha! She was so excited to just be dressed up and at a party, she didn't ever stop to think about what actually goes on at a Halloween party! She's such a mess!
In her costume!! :)

Sweet little Liv...I just love her big girl shoes! :)

hahaha! She wasn't anymore thrilled about the costume this time than she was the first time!

Love this one....'come on, seriously...aren't you all done taking pictures!?' ha! They both look SO thrilled!

Delainey planting one on Liv....don't they know it's swine flu season!? hahahaha! So cute!

Abby and all the rowdy boys on the hay ride! She wasn't too sure about it at first.....

but, She ended up LOVING it!

Scary, googly eyes! The rule in this house is....everyone has to wear these glasses for at least 6 seconds every day until Halloween! haha!

Liv's turn!!

We had a great time and it was so nice to see everyone! We miss you all!! Thanks, Aunt Elizabeth!! The party was great! :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Curious George LIVE!

Abby is just like her mother and LOVES any live show/musical! :) She heard them mention Curious George Live on the radio one day and that was it...she was going! ha! So, we had a fun little 'date,'...just me and my 'big' girl!


It was a super cute show, and we had great seats!

It's a good thing we left Scott at home, the monkey would have scared him...he has an issue with grown adults in theme park characters, etc....hahahaha! Have I mentioned how 'special' Scott it???
Yay. Curious George saves the day and wins the Golden Meatball competition! At intermission I asked Abby if she wanted to stay or go, and she looked at me and said, 'are you crazy? we have to see if George makes it to Italy to win the contest!' hahaha! My bad...of course, we HAD to stay for that!! ;)
We finished our date with a trip to the coffee shop, Target and a jam session in the car to the Momma Mia soundtrack! (yeah, I'm pretty sure I have the only 3yr old that knows every word to every ABBA song...haha!) What a perfect day!!!

Halloween Sneak Peek, Part Deux!

Greatest Costume EVER! I laughed hysterically the entire time Abby had it on, and we all laughed hysterically when I tried it on Liv!! :)

Looks like I'm being attacked by a lion cub! haha!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Be still my heart....

Last night, Abby and I were invited to a Pampered Chef party, so Scott and Liv were here alone. When I got home, he had taken these of her outside playing!! I mean, really...could this child be any stinkin' cuter!? I could just kiss her face all day long!

Halloween Sneak Peek!

My Aunt Karen has finished Abby's Halloween costume. I don't want to show the totally finished product, but it was TOO cute not to share a little something....and, don't worry....there is a theme. Dorothy won't be alone! ;)

We LOVE Fall!

Yesterday was an absolutely GORGEOUS day, so we headed to the park for a picnic and some fresh air!

Hello, Little Andrea! ha!
These beautiful girlies of mine are too much! I just LOVE it!

Picking sweet!

And, the little nature girls, picking up black walnuts...of as Abby calls them, 'coconuts!' ha!
No toys needed, we have leaves!


So much love! Melts my heart!

Liv is Abby's little shadow. Anything Abby does, Liv is only 5sec. behind her!

Since I won't let them play in ball pits...

Mom and Dad decided we should have one in our house! haha! So, we now have a ball pit and 300 plastic balls in the living room and dining room! aaaahhhhh!

Static head! ha!

It was actually Liv's bday gift, but she wanted NOTHING to do with it, so Abby took advantage of that, and pretty much lived in thing for 24hrs.
But, we finally got Liv in there yesterday....

and, now she's a fan! :)

This is too funny. This is the face she makes now when we say SMILE! Lovely, isnt' it? haha!

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