Friday, July 31, 2009


What we get for not getting Abby's plate moved BEFORE we get Olivia down from the high chair! haha!

How's that cottage cheese, Olivia!?

She would much rather eat Abby's food, even though most of the time, they are eating the same thing...haha! Little booger!

Our Routine Nightly Fun!

Here is a glimpse into our everyday lives (get's thrilling:). Each night it's relatively the same routine in the Utley Household (and that's okay, because that is the way we like it). Dinner is almost always at 5:30ish, then we head outside to play until bathtime! And, if you really want to read a snooze fest, one day I will let you in on what we eat for dinner, and the fact that it is pretty much the same things each week....we are one WILD and CRAZY family! hahaha!

Anyways, Abby was dragging out all the toys last night and we though Olivia might be big enough for the Big Wheel now! Look at that little Harley Momma! :)

'What!?, this horn doesn't even work!? You call this a bike!?'

Hi! She waves hi and bye and night night now! It's SO funny!

Me and my girls!!

Love this one of her....FINALLY, you can see those little toofers! :)

Scott and his girlies! I guess it's because I only know him as the Daddy of girls, but I can not even imagine him with a little boy (even though a little mini-Scott running around in little matching polos and button-ups like his daddy would be TOO cute! :). It's so funny to see the girls work him over (even though he thinks he is in TOTAL control...hahaha!)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Yes, I know...I am a NOT a good blogger lately. Things have been CRAZY, and I won't bore you with the everyday musings of our lives. Girls are hysterical, work is busy for both Scott and myself, we have, THANKFULLY, had company the past few weekends:), and we are just busy busy! So, I won't keep you any longer with my rambling. I know why everyone comes here...and here they are. :) MY GIRLS! I took some pics of them today, because I haven't just sat down and snapped pics in a while!

More GORGEOUS than ever! Goodness, she is getting SO big. Her hair has grown so much. She will be walking before we know it. She's fiesty and independent but still as sweet as they come! She's really starting to throw some fits and she makes sure we know what she wants and when! Whew...she gets more like her sister every day! :)
And, such a happy little thing!

And, my BEAUTIFUL big girl! Same Abby, bigger attitude! haha! That about sums it up! She's never ending laughs and stories, and I love it! She finished up swim lessons last week and loved it. I am going to see if we have time to do one more week before her instructor has to go back to school. She learned SO much! I LOVE how she is total blonde hair and big brown eyes and Liv is black hair and big blue eyes! I really thought they would look identical. Definitely have their own unique looks.

And, I LOVE these! Olivia just thinks Abby hung the moon! They are so sweet together (when they want to be-ha!)

Kisses and hugs for her big sister!

Hahaha...this one is SO them!

DARLING! This one makes my heart melt! I am going to blow it up poster size and make them hang it in their rooms when they are teenagers and fighting! haha!
***I can not wait to have our pics done this weekend. I can't remember if I blogged about it or not, but we won a free photo shoot with a featured St. Louis photographer, and she is AMAZING!! (check her's Molto Bella Photography. She is on my blog list...Behind the Glass!) Our pics are this Sunday! YAY!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

What do you do....

when you have stuff to get done in the kitchen but the girls can't be trusted in a different room and they won't stop hanging on you long enough for you to get anything done???? get out all the pots and pans and let them start a band! :)

Abby was WAY into it, and Olivia was in charge of the 'radio.' She pushed the fridge farm-ha, Abby rocked out and Olivia danced along! They did this for 30min. I can't hear and I need an advil now, but I got lunch made, kitchen cleaned up and the dishwasher unloaded and reloaded, so it was worth it! ha!

Swim Lessons!

Today was Abby's first day of real swim lessons. We did them a couple of years ago, but it was pretty much just me splashing in the water with her (fun, but she didn't get much from it!) So, we signed her up for private swim lessons at the pool with Miss Lauren this summer. She LOVED it. She woke up at 6am telling me all about how she was going to go under water! I could have waited to hear about that around 7:30 or so-haha!, but I loved that she was so excited. She did great, and she can't wait to go back in the morning! :)

That's her with the instructor with the blonde pony tail.

Jumping off the side...her favorite!

I saw some of the instructors taking the bigger kids to the diving board and then I saw Lauren get out with Abby. I thought, 'oh, surely not!' But, YES...they were also going to the diving board! :)

Yay, Abby! She has talked about how she jumped off the diving board TWICE, all day long! ha!

I am going to try to remember to put my good lens on the camera at some point this week, so I can get some better pictures! But, I know Nanny and everyone is waiting to see these! :) ENJOY...she loved it!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Farm Fun at the Fair!

Today, after gymnastics, we met up with Amanda and the kiddos and headed to the fair. They had a little farm program set up for the kids. We discovered it last year, and the kids had just as much fun this year.

Some crafts!
Sunflower Seed Spitting...only at the fair, huh? hahaha! Abby LOVED it, and even got a few in the hula hoop, I think!

Roping a steer. And, guess who roped it? Yep....Abby! haha! My little cowgirl!
Celebrating her accomplishment...haha!

Posing with her soybean seed necklace!
Olivia LOVED looking at all the animals. She wasn't so sure about this MASSIVE pig, though. Neither were we! ha!
Lots and lots of sheep!

Olivia's favorite animal! She loves that dog so much!

Thanks, for going with us Amanda, Seth and Grace. Abby asked all night why you all didn't come back to the house after we left Dairy King..haha! Anything I told her, she had a solution. If I said, 'they have to go get ready for dinner, too!' She came back with, 'well, they can have dinner at our house!' :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Another Fun Weekend!

Wasn't so sure how the weekend was going to go when Abby ended up sick Friday! :( Actually, not even sure if she was sick or just purely exhausted. She was in bed asleep BEFORE 6pm. But, she came flying out of her room at 6:30am, so maybe she was just fighting a little something off. Thanfully, she was back to normal (well, normal for Abby..haha!) The little town right down the road from us does a Play in the Park series all summer, and this weekend was the children's production of Alice in Wonderland, and I knew Abby would love it. So, Saturday night Abby and I had a Girls Night Out and went to the show.

*Me and my clone! Ok, so sometimes, even I am taken aback by how much she looks like me. haha! I am not even sure if I needed to Scott to make her. I am pretty sure I could have just splashed some water on me and she would have busted through my chest like a Gremlin!

Olivia was pouting because she had to stay home and go to bed, and miss the show! :)

Not really, she had no idea! ;) Me and both of my girlies!

Dancing along at the show. Only a few more years and she can be part of the show! :)

'Stop taking pictures, Mom...I'm trying to watch the show!' ha!

Yesterday, Goggy and Gi-gi came to spend the day with us! We played outside for a long time and then a storm blew in. Look at this wall cloud...amazing, huh!? I have never witnessed weather like we have here. I never experienced heat like we have here, cold like we have here, storms like we have here. It's crazy!
So, we literally, moved the party inside! Friday was Gi-gi's 35th bday (right, Gi-gi!;), so Abby baked her a cake and got her some goodies! Funny how all the parties sort of turn into celebrations for Abby...haha!
Abby and Gi-gi!

Yay! I love this pic of her! She gets that little embarassed look sometimes when we catch her doing something. It's so sweet!


Friday, July 10, 2009

What a morning!

Wow, what a morning we have had. This morning we all headed into the kitchen for breakfast. I aksed Abby to get the butter for me....MISTAKE NUMBER ONE! Fridge was opened, next think I know I turn around, Olivia and Abby are standing at the fridge and RED fruit punch is just pouring EVERYWHERE...all into the drawers in the fridge, all over my floor, all over the girls.....GAAAAAH! I toss children to the side and start the task of cleaning it all up. It took 30minutes, a roll of paper towels, a tube of Clorox wipes and 2 red dish towels, and all the while, Abby is coming over with things like a hula hoop and asking, 'Mom, is this as big as your head?'...and a storage container, 'Mom, this is as big as your butt, right?!' Thanks, so much, angel! I was at that point where you are on your hands and knees scrubbing and thinking, 'should I laugh or cry?' Anyways, I FINALLY get that cleaned up and Abby is showing me something she made (a car seat for involves dining room chairs, jumpropes, and other various household items and toys...haha!) and while I took those 3 precious minutes to go see Dixon's carseat, Olivia finds her snacks in the diaper bag.....and promptly dumps them all over the floor!


EXHIBIT B!..haha!
See what I get for walking away from her for a few min? She's either making a mess or trying to eat a turd....I give up! hahaha!
Anyways, that was what we call an 'Easy Mess' If cleanup doesn't require more than one or two cleaning aids, then it's an Easy Mess. So, for example, this only needed the dust buster and removal of the diaper bag....EASY MESS! After using said dust buster, I needed to go put it back on the charger, which requires me to be in a different room than the room my children are in, which is a VERY risky move these days, but I did it anyways. I mean, I alrady have red stained hands from the previous mess, I am quite certain that will be the BIG one of the day (or, at least, I hope so!..haha!) I come back into the living room to find Abby dumping the formula from Olivia's bottle into the storage container that she so graciously let me know was as wide as my ass, in an attempt to make milk shakes! Again, Gaaaaaaaah!!! Maybe locking them in rooms isn't such a bad idea after all. hahaha....KIDDING, people that might read this and not know me! I am pretty sure that if I don't get out of this house alone for something other than work soon, I am going to LOSE IT!
But, that aside, they sure do make up for their messes fast. Abby came up to me and said, 'look, I'm Daddy...look at my tie!' :)

She looks ready for work to me....:)
And, Olivia, bless her wild little heart, is the sweetest thing you will ever see! Looks like she's ready to go to work with me. Love the pom-pons, Livi! :)

Oh, and while Olivia is napping and Abby is having a snack and I actually have time, I have 1 more funny Abby story that I forgot yesterday!
Mom was putting Olivia to bed the other night while we were there visiting and she brought Olivia over to Abby and said, 'tell Olivia good night!,' expecting her to give her a hug and an I love you, and Abby looked up at Olivia and said, 'Goodnight, puke face!' hahahaha! Sisterly Love, what can I say!
Alright, I have to get ready. We are tackling Target and some other errands once Olivia gets up....wish us luck! hahaha!

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