Saturday, May 17, 2008

Home Sweet Home.....

That's right.....we got our house! YAY! We are too excited. Scott said he screamed like a girl on the phone with our realtor, when they accepted our offer! hahahaha! I can't believe we will be moving in a just a few weeks. We are ready, though. I am about to freak over getting the girls rooms done, etc. The location, school system, everything is just what we wanted. (It's a new home, so we will be building another fence, more landscaping and planting trees, but that's okay, we will just appreciate it all that much more, knowing that we did it ourselves:-) I said I would refuse to pack anything until we closed (after what happened last time, LOL!), but I am actually ready to get everything packed up.

Anyways, just wanted to share the news! We are going to take Mom to see the house next weekend, so I will have some pics then.

Hope everyone has a good weekend! :-)


The McAfee Trio said...

CONGRATS! we are so happy for you!

nanny said...

i cannot wait to see it, Thank God, I told you it would be great when it DID FINALLY happen!! cannot wait to see it and pick out "my space" Ha Ha I love you all

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