Wednesday, May 26, 2010

These girls of mine! :)

So, I typed the stuff below first and then the pics ended up here somehow and some even twice, so hang in there with this's bass akwards!

Anyways, here is Miss Olivia getting in on the cheerleading fun!! If Abby can do, by golly she's going to do it, too! haha!

Silly girls, Take 1!
And here is where I thought my post was starting..haha!....
These kiddos are the most fun little things ever! I swear, I spend 80% of my days cracking up at them. Never a dull moment with these 2. It's so fun to watch their relationship grow, and so fun to watch them grow into these darling, independent little girls. They are as sweet as sugar one minute and spitting fire the next. (Scott likes to say they are like their mother...please, I'm sweet all the time!-hahaha!) They are SO totally different, yet have many similar traits. I'm often overwhelmed with emotion when I think of how truly blessed we are to have them. I try to always remember that as long as they are healthy, happy and thriving, then nothing else really matters. Who cares if the floors need mopped or I have 3 loads of laundry to fold or if one of them just dumped an entire bag of goldfish on the floor and then danced on can you do anything but love on these little faces!
Take 2!

Darn it...this one is so small, but I LOVE it. We all three had hair appts the other day, and the girls both got their hair trimmed and then Allie put glitter in their hair! They were both SO excited. And, I can't even tell you how much fun it is to take the girls and have a day at the salon. :) (does it make me crazy to admit that I would love nothing more than 2 or 3 more little girls in this house-hahaha) It was 8th grade graduation night and all of these pre-teens were in there getting their hair done, and I just couldn't think of anything except, 'goodness, that will be us in here before we know it...getting their hair done for graduations, dances, etc!' Waaaahhhh! Yes, the mere thought brings me to tears!

Abby decided she didn't want to take dance anymore, so we dropped that a couple of months ago. She was bored and liked the little bit of tumbling they did at the end of class better, so I decided that it was time to just let her join one of the classes I teach! I didn't know how it would go (as she has been in gymnastics, but I always put her with other coaches), but we talked about it and she wanted to do it, so she started in one of my tumbling classes and LOVES it...and she's a little natural. And, now she wants to cheer, too! Oy!! Not totally sold on that one, yet, but we are having a squad of Tiny's this year (4 and 5 yr olds), so I am sure we will end up giving that a shot, too. School wrapped for the summer last week and now we have swimming and soccer coming up, so we will just have to see! I love that she wants to do everything. It's all about fun at this age. I don't care what she does, as long as she's having a good time and learning something. But, isn't she too cute in this little practice outfit? My big girls wear these and when I saw one small enough for her, I had to have it. She put it on and with her little shorts and pony tail she looked JUST like one of my older girls, Audrey. It was like a mini-me moment! I could NOT stop laughing!

Strawberry Pickin'!

Last week we met up with our friends at Eckert's to go strawberry picking! Abby was SO flippin' excited! Freddie, Grace and Abster on the little shuttle bus out to the fields!

Let the picking begin....

or in Liv's case...let the eating begin! haha!

She can't even stop long enough for a picture! ha!

Abby will, though! :)

She really had the hang of it...she knew to only get the red ones, and then...straight in her mouth they went!
I told Grace that she has finally met her match with Liv! Grace is usually the one that eats as many as she picks!

When the girls were not even 2 Grace's family moved in down the street from us. It being such a small world, I went to college with Grace's Aunt, so when they introduced all of us, we became fast friends. Now, look at these 2...they will be FIVE this can't be so! :(

WHAT!? Abby actually tried one...and LIKED it! We even caught her eating some on the sly! ha!

Girls, try something crazy, and both of you look at the camera at the same time!
Our strawberry loot! YUMMYY! We spent the entire morning there: picking strawberries, shoping at the market, eating lunch, letting the kiddos play! We had a blast!! you really have to move!? haha!

Sigma Dinner!

Tri Sigma...or don't try at all! Okay, sorry...had to get that out of my system! hahaha! Luckily, we have a lot of sorority alumni in the area, so we have decided to start doing a monthly Sigma dinner! May was a blast! Here are some of us at Houlihans...

Me and Missy!!

JESS!! My roomie from the sorority house and one of my bestest friends! :) (by the way, for those of you that know both of us, you won't be at all surprised that it took at least 5 shots before we both settled on this one...haha!)

Usually it takes some large event to get a lot of us together: a sister's wedding, Homecoming, and this year, unfortunately, a sister's passing, but it's always so nice to catch up. It's so fun to be talking babies, pregnancies, jobs, men, husbands, kids, etc. when I spent all of college with these ladies, growing into the women that we are today. We've come a long way since the days of recruitment, fraternity events/parties, Kidnap for Robbie, etc. :)

Mother's Day Mess! :)

This year on Mother's Day, both of my babies were sick! They both had strep and ear infections! :( It started the day before Mother's Day, and it took a good week for them to be feeling better! I did get a new camera for Mother's Day, though, and once the girls were feeling better we decided to finger paint some beautiful Mother's Day pictures for Nanny! :) So, here are pictures, taken with my new camera.....:)

Oh-no!! haha!

She quickly caught on to what to do...besides eating it! ha!

Oh, goodness! haha! She is something else!
Belly button...she has a mild obsession with her belly button these days! Probably because it's the largest outie we have ever seen! haha! So cute!

I just recently saw the idea on Alicia's blog, to do paintings on canvas and use them as decor, so I am sure I will be stealing that idea and doing it soon! ;)

The swaddle we always dreamed of!

If you haven't gathered from reading along, my kids are not (and never were) typical, predictable kids. Even as babies, everything I read about and heard about babies...NONE of it applied to my kids, especially Abby! haha! Both girls HATED being swaddled. I bought every blanket you could think of...even the uber-expensive miracle blanket...the one that boasts that kids can NOT break out of the swaddle...oh what I would give to have a video of Liv breaking free from it in 30sec at about 6 weeks old! haha! Anyways, Abby agreed to let Scott swaddle her the other day!

Awwww...what a sweet little swaddled baby! hahaha!

The last pic we have of Scott holding a swaddled Abby was about 2min after she was born! ha!
I love Liv standing there like, ' all need to get out more!' haha!

Grant's Farm

Could it really be??? Am I FINALLY updating a month's worth of blogging??? Yep, I am! Well, trying to anyways...I will get as much done as I can!

Back in the first week in May, Abby had her first big Field Trip....GRANT'S FARM! For those of you not familiar with the area, this is where the Budweiser clydesdales are housed. It's a huge historical site, and then also the farm. It starts with a long tram ride through the entire park. It was SO neat and I took tons of pictures of animals, but these were our favorites! :)

These crazy birds are Olivia and Oscar! I found it so fitting that the craziest acting animal there was named Olivia! haha!
These sweet little baby buffalo would come right up to the tram. I could have reached out and touched one. They are SO cute. Lots of little calfs, too. Very few of the animals are enclosed, most are just free roaming...very safari like! ha!

This guy with his bangs was killing me!
Feeding the baby goats! :)

She LOVED this part!! So cute! One tried to chew on her shorts and that didn't thrill her-ha!, but she had so much fun with those baby goats!
Bald eagles. These are birds that have been harmed in the wild, so they can't fly and that is why they are there.

We watched an elephant show....that Abby said was her most favorite part of the day! :)
Abby and some of the birds!
Abby and her little friend, Ryann! :)

I didn't get nearly as many pictures as I would have like to. It was a pretty rushed and busy trip. We are planning to take the girls back this summer when we can spend more time there!

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