Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just Because....

she is so gorgeous! :)

Almost done.....

I can't believe it, but it's almost over....the pregnancy, that is. I know in many ways, it's just the begining, though. (and I won't lie, that scares me to death-haha!) While I enjoy being pregnant and I want her to stay in as long as she wants (because they are MUCH easier when they are inside, than when they are out-haha), I am SO over being pregnant.

I went to Motherhood Maternity today to buy a dress for a wedding next week. (I hate that store, BTW...always have) The sales lady immediately annoyed me...'Yes, I have shopped here before,' 'No, I don't need any help,' 'No, I don't want your stupid credit card,' 'No, I don't want to sign up for your damn college savings program,' 'No, I don't need you to fit me for nursing bras,' 'No, I don't want to sign up for Parenting magazine!' GEEZ...I just want to get in and out of here with a dress before my toddler destroys your store, haha! And, for those of you that haven't shopped at lovely Motherhood....Yes, they ask every one of those questions within 1 min. of entering in the store, and then they push and push until the min. you walk out. I am NOT exaggerating. EVERY TIME I go in there, it's the same type of person. I would love to know who trains their employees. As I was leaving, I made sure to tell her how happy I was that this is the LAST piece of maternity clothing I will ever purchase, especially from them, and to take my name off of the 5million mailing lists she just put me on.-haha!

Enough complaining....let's talk Olivia. She will be here in 6 weeks (at the latest). The u/s's have consistently given one due date, while my last period gives another. Abby was not born until 2 days past her due date, so my official guess on Olivia's arrival is: Sept. 15. That will make her late my by first due date, but 2 days early based on the u/s due date. Scott's guess (for now) is Sept. 10. Any other guesses??? Last week as I was leaving my appt. the Dr. said, 'if you aren't ready, you better get ready!' aaaaahhhhh! I am NOT ready. I am scared to death, actually...even more so than last time. (for those of you that know anything about my last delivery, you know why-haha! it too late to BEG for a c-section? Just kidding, but I really wish they could laser beam these babies out or something.)

Anyways, here are some recent belly shots. Now, getting a good belly shot is quite an undertaking in this house.

Trying to get a pic with Abby and my belly. Yes, that is a muffin she is smashing into my hair! haha!

The typical Scott shot. He thinks this is soooo HYSTERICAL. Every single time I try to get a bare belly pic, he takes a shot like this before I can get ready. Do men EVER grow up?? haha!
Finally, a picture. A crappy one, but a picture to document these last few weeks. I even tried playing with the editing to see if I could find a setting to make me look less tired, but none worked. haha! Oh, well!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Run for the Fallen....

I found the actual website for the run. They aren't going to Louisville or anywhere near there, but they will be in Paducah!! Check out the map. Very cool!!

The first thing Abby told Scott was that she saw runners with flags today. She wants to run with flags now. I told her we could find a run like that when she gets a little bigger!;-)

Our Little Book Worm....

We go to the library at least once each week. There isn't a library in our town (it's too small), but we found a great library in a near-by town. They even have a separate Children's Library. Abby loves it. She is such a big girl picking out her books, movie, etc. for the week.

Before I get to the library pics, we witnessed the neatest thing this morning on our way. As we were driving through town, I noticed people were out lining the streets. I stopped to see what was going on, and the Runners for the Fallen Soldiers were about to run to town. Abby and pulled over and got to see them run through. It was amazing. All the fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, etc. were caravaning with the runners and they were running with their flags. I found this website on them. So awesome and I am so glad we got to see it. Abby thought it was so neat.

Then, it was off to the library for us.
Picking her books....
Those are some good choices, Abby! :-)
Playing with the blocks. We have to make a city every week, and they have little block people. The 2 little ones are always her and Timmie, and the big ones are me, Scott and Nanny! haha!
'Enough with the picture taking already, let's go!'
She's got her bag of books and she's outta here......

Monday, July 28, 2008

She's baaaack!

That's right....Big Dora is BACK! When we put our old house on the market, lots of toys had to make the trip to Gi-gi and Goggy's. Abby had been missing Big Dora, so when they came to visit yesterday, Dora made her grand return home.

Oh, how I have missed hauling all 20lbs. of you around, Dora! haha! You should see Abby try to muscle this doll around. It's HILARIOUS!

Here they are....together at last! haha!

Luckily, Dora sings and talks....over 70 something sayings, actually! Impressive, huh? haha! So, Big Dora is always up for a good song and dance!
Taking a break, sitting on Dora's lap! haha!

Uncle sure does know the way to Abby's heart! :-)

So Pitiful....

My friend got this picture of Abby this weekend. I am so mean....I made her share the little car she was driving. I have some nerve, huh? I think I have a future Oscar winner on my hands! haha! Amazingly, she was just fine in about 30sec.

Oh, she is a mess! I wonder how long she will work the lip. It only works on Scott and I when we know she is truly upset. Then, it is quite heart-breaking, but in cases like this, it's pretty funny. However, I am sure the lip would still work on Nanny or Goggy, no matter the reason! haha! In any case, the lip always wins her a big hug...even if it is just because she's so rotten! :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Girls, Girls, Girls...

We had a GREAT weekend with our friends. Sarah and Audrey got here yesterday morning....we headed off for lunch and to meet our other friends, Sarah and Macey. We spent the afternoon at the Magic House. The girls had a BLAST! It is so hilarious to see the three of them together. They were all born within days of each other. Very cool!

Sand at the Magic House!
A little Driving Miss Abby!
Macey driving her Mommy! :-) What a sweetheart.
Grocery Shopping!
Abby, Macey and Audrey having a Tea Party! :-)
The Whole Gang!
Static Electricity! This was sooooo COOL!

Silly girls. They were a RIOT together. Audrey is very literal and everything out of Abby's mouth is complete bull. haha! She had Audrey very concerned over the alligator under her glider. I bet we said 100 times, 'Abby's just teasing!' haha! Audrey is such a doll baby!

Waiting for their morning coffee at the coffee shop. haha!
Awe....I wish they could have stayed longer. :-(

***We are already planning a winter Girl's Trip to Chicago.

Friday, July 25, 2008

It's almost time.....

for another little girl to enter this family and home! :-) I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. She will be here in about 6 weeks (or less, but hopefully not:) We have been working on getting all of our baby things back out, going through clothes and getting her room ready. We are almost there. We still have to get her bookshelf and get it up. We are getting the rocker re-upholstered. We have to get the OLIVIA wooden letters hung, and some other decor.

Some of the final touches....
Olivia's Sweet Room! :-)
Her OLIVIA letters will hang right in the middle here, over the crib.....
Everything is washed and ready. Another closet full of darling, pink clothes. :-) Abby even helped put together a toy bin for her!
Her baby book, going home outfit and hospital picture outfits are all layed out and ready to go!
And, the BEST Big Sister Olivia could ever hope for. (look at that get-up!-hahaha!) It might be a crazy house, but it's filled with lots of fun and love! :-) We can't wait for Olivia to join us!

They Didn't Know....

...that I was watching them! :-) Abby and Scott were out playing tonight after dinner and I looked out the back door and it was the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

They were walking the property line and I could just see her arms flapping and her mouth running a mile a min.-haha! I LOVE it!
A few min. later, a game of baseball. Abby was cheering, while showing Scott where to hit the ball. Have I mentioned she is a tab bit bossy!

Then, it was Abby's turn, and Scott's turn to cheer! Go, Scott, Go! haha!

Preparing for our Friends...

Some of our good friends are coming to visit, and will be here in the morning. My friend, Sarah, and her daughter, Audrey, are staying with us, and some of our other friends are staying over in St. Louis, and we will be meeting them in the morning for a long day of fun and visiting. They both have daughters that are Abby's age, so she is VERY excited. She wanted to bake cookies for Audrey and Macey, and I thought that was a PERFECT idea, so we got to work on them this morning.

Ready to decorate! :-)
Better taste them first! haha! I made her stop 'tasting' after 2 cookies, and she got a bite of a third one that has to wait until later. haha!
She takes her 'jobs' and projects very serious! :-)

Look at that face! 'Sorry, more cookies and icing for you!' She's got the pout down, though, doesn't she? It's quite hard to resist.

Some of our work! :-)
And, she came running out and asked, 'Mom, do I look like a princess when I wear this!?'
Yes, look JUST like a Princess in that! :-) I wonder how long she will demand to wear this hot head band. haha!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's Another GOOD Day....

I NEED a post like this today. We have had a few trying days....just typical toddler things, but it's all magnified since we are both tired and I have finally hit crazy pregnant woman stage. hahaha! As everyone knows, sleep is a HUGE battle for us, and we have had a few humdingers of nights/mornings around here.

So, this is why today was/is a GOOD day.....

***In just 2 days our friends will be here to visit for the weekend. They both have daughters Abby's age, and we have lots of fun planned!! :-)

***Project Runway is on tonight! (yes, this makes the GOOD list EVERY week-haha!)

***I got a ton of work done on Olivia's room and her things today (3 loads of laundry washed and folded, x-tra large loads....only 2-3 more to go).

***Even though I have been ready to string her by her toes a few times this week, LOL!, Abby never fails to crack me up all day long.

***Abby rode her bike the furthest ever tonight. Soon, we will be able to take our whole walk, while she rides.

***New black-out strategy for Abby's windows. I'm sure looking at our house from the street, it probably looks like a gothic teenager lives in her room, hahaha, but I don't care. I am hoping she will sleep past bay break (which is 5 something here, BTW....Mommy does NOT do 5 or 6 am, sorry!, LOL!)

***We are going to Garden Ridge tomorrow...I LOVE that place!

***My Dr. appt. this week is on Sat. morning, so I don't have to take Abby with me! YAY!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Abby, Abby, Abby....

What's more fun than taking a nap???

I know....I know....

Dumping an entire bag of Goldfish on the floor! hahah! Bless her little heart, she was just trying to get them all into that little bowl! haha!

How can you get mad at that??

And, I swear...I don't know where this child comes from...(okay, she acts JUST like me and Scott), but anyways, she is a mess! (in a good way:-) This is how she sleeps every night, with all 23 of her stuffed animals. haha! And, notice....every shelf on the head board has its own burpie. I will never be able to put anything there. She calls the head board her 'jewelry box!' I tell her every night to go get her animals together. It's a good 10min. ordeal, as they all have to be lined up and in their place. Bears with bears, rabbits with rabbits, etc. And, the bigger ones hold the smaller ones on their laps. You would think with all of this in her bed, she could surely find something to occupy her when she wakes up at the crack of dawn, but NOPE! She immediately has to yell for me and come out to see what everyone is doing...which is usually sleeping. But, not for one sleeps in Abby's presence! haha!
It's a good thing she is so darn cute! :-)

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Another fun weekend, and a week closer to Olivia being here with us! :-)

My weekend started early with a Girl's Night Out at Cardinal Stadium. Amanda, Aimee and I went to a Cardinals game Thursday night and had a great time. We need those night more often, ladies. Thanks, so much for the ticket, Amanda. Scott is still reeling with jealousy! hahaha!

Friday morning, we headed to Nanny and Papaw's. This was our first time to come and stay in their new house. It's AWESOME! Abby even has her own room (which she will be sharing with Olivia one of these days, but we left that info. out for this trip, haha!) Saturday, we had a House Warming/New Baby Party on Saturday. Since no party is complete without a cake, Abby and Mom decided to bake a Big Bird cake. After some hard work, this is what Mom surprised Abby with. haha!

We were able to see most of the family, some good friends, I got my hair done, we had a great party, ate both Sam's and Tumbleweed:-), and even found Abby a Little Tykes picnic table and basketball goal at a yard sale, in brand new condition.

Here she is wating for the party to stary with Daddy! :-)
My friend, Katrina, and her little boy, Donovan, came over. He is so stinkin' cute and such a riot. He wanted to kiss and hug the whole time. haha! They had a good time. We put candles in the Big Bird cake and sang to them, since we didn't know what else to sing and they wanted candles. (BTW, Abby's b-day is in Dec. and his is in March, so they pretty much think we are CRAZY! haha!)
And, here is my new 'do (I got quite a bit cut) and growing belly. Almost 33 weeks. aaaahhhh! It was so weird leaving and thinking that the next time we are at home, Olivia will be with us.

***I forgot my camera card at home and had to use an old one of Mom's, so instead of getting to take a TON of pics like I usually do, I only got a few. :-( I know my cousin got some and so did my SIL, so if I get some of theirs, I will post those, too!

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