Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Good vs. Evil! :)

So, as anyone with kids can are a bundle of ups and downs. They are like those sour patch kids commercials! They will pee on your carpet and then tell you they love you! ha! It's a never ending roller coaster...and, I love it! I haven't posted an update on the girls in a while and I have a ton of things that I want to get down before I forget, so here goes...

*I will start with Abby! She is growing up WAY too fast for my liking. She talks like a big girl, acts older and older all the time, she tells stories like a big girl, she looks's just too much! :( She LOVES school (as I have said many times) but she is really starting to open up and enjoy all that school has to offer. I went to get her the other day and they were having a pep rally and I saw 4 little girls standing up and cheering, and one of them was her! I couldn't believe it! She is always full of personality around home, but sometimes reserved around others, but not anymore! When I asked her about it she said, ', Taylor, Kelsie and Emma were cheering like teenagers and Mr. E (the cute, young PE teacher at her school-ha!) came over and said, 'who are those girls I hear cheering for me?' (the teachers were playing softball against one another), so he brought them down to be the cheerleaders! WHAT!? Cheering, acting like teenagers...all for her cute PE teacher!? TOO SOON! hahaha! This new found social butterfly status has also landed her in a little trouble! She has had her stick pulled twice since Christmas break. Only moved to yellow, but still! Once because a group of the girls were carrying on in the bathroom and being loud and once because she and Josie continued to talk after Ms. Clark reminded the class to be quiet. Abby was very upset (sobbing, begging me to NOT ground her-ha!) and when I asked her about it, she said, 'we did keep talking, but we were using sign language!' Oh brother! I'm sure Ms. Clark just LOVED that! And, since Abby doesn't know sign language, I am pretty sure it wasn't QUIET sign language! ha! She is very smart (which we have always known :), she reads and writes at a much higher level than required at this age, she is in the advanced math group, all of her testing placed her above average in all areas and in the top percentage of kids her age/grade level. She is very into what people do, what jobs they have, what those professions do, etc. She told me last night that she's really torn between being a teacher, a singer or a dolphin trainer! ha! I love it! She's so full of life and so inquisitive and excited about everything. She loves her little friends, and shows such concern for other people. I just hope she stays this way forever! :)

*And, Liv...Oh, Liv! My little shadow! :) She is so rotten, but sooooo sweet! Her latest thing is, 'I love you and you love me, isn't that right, Mommy?!' and, she will ask that 100 times a day. I love it! And, she will sometimes say, 'does Abby love us, too, because she doesn't talk about it as much as I do!' ha! She follows up every mischievous act with, 'I love you, Mommy!' And, if you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she says with 100% certainty and no hesitation, 'A Mommy!' I LOVE it! She will always say, 'I'm going to make eggs just like that when I'm a Mommy'...or, 'I'm going to wear this like you when I'm a Mommy!' Melts my heart! She is just as strong willed as ever...she never backs down and she doesn't let anyone dictate what she does or what she says! She was at work with me the other night and the owner of the gym has 2 little girls the same age as mine and they play together all the time. Well, Liv came over and was watching class, the girls in my class went over to ask her why she wasn't playing with Abby, Nora and Hayden anymore and she said, 'I'm not going to let them boss me around!' haha! And, she won't either. She sat there for over an hour, refusing to play with them. I. LOVE. IT! She is very thoughtful and for as tough as she is in some ways, she is also so tender hearted. She can be injured and bleeding and not shed a tear but if Abby kicks her out of her room, she's sobbing big crocodile tears! And, she is VERY excited about school, can't wait to start preschool next year, etc. Well, not even thinking, I must have said something about how I will be so sad when the girls are both in school, etc. And, last night as I was putting her to bed she said, 'I don't want to go to school anymore, Mommy!' I asked why, and she said, 'because I don't want you to be home alone and be sad!' Awwwww! So, we had a long talk about how I was teasing and that I am SO excited for her to start school. (which is a total lie, of course...I really will be crying! ha!) She just has such a sweet soul and such a good heart! I mean, how can you get mad at someone when they strip naked in public or pee in your garage when they are so sweet and caring!? haha! :)

*And, a funny story to highlight how opposite they are...Liv is really my little shadow. She doesn't want to miss a single thing that goes on around here. She helps me do EVERYTHING! Abby, on the other hand, is usually only interested if it directly involves her or interests her! ha! She can tune us out, do her own thing, play problem. I sat Abby on the washer yesterday to put her shoes on her as we were leaving for school, and she said, in all seriousness...'So, how do the clothes get from in here, to in here (pointing from the washer to the dryer) you put them in there!?' Oh. My. Goodness! (she is SO my child!) haha! But, I was about to die, and told her YES! And, I am also the one that folds them and puts them away! ha! Not that she has never seen me do laundry, she puts her clothes away, etc. but like I said, if it doesn't interest her, forget it! Liv on the other hand could do a load of laundry by herself with ZERO help from me, seriously. Liv is very independent and resourceful in all aspects....and Abby is, if she wants to be or has to be! haha!

*They are such little sweeties right now. I don't even want to think about them as teenagers. ha! We have SO much fun and every day is such an adventure! I just can't believe how blessed I am! :) My cup runeth over!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Come on March 14th!

Not only is March 14th Scott's 35th birthday, it is also the day he is 'supposed' to get home! I am at the point now where I am just OVER this deployment. On one hand we have had a smooth go of it. The girls and I are pretty awesome and together (most of the time). BUT, the rest of the time is really doing us in! ha! It's to the point now where Scott and have started making a list of things that I have happened while he's been gone, that have not happened in the almost 8years of marriage...

1. Totaled the car.

2. I got so sick I was bedridden and HAD to have help with the girls.

3. We had to purchase a new car without Scott present.

4. I lock Olivia in the new car, with the keys locked in the trunk and we had to have someone break into our brand new car. (and, it wasn't just a little mishap...she was in there for nearly an hour! ha! Thank goodness it was her and not Abby. If it would have been Abby, we would have gone to straight to the ER because she would have had a panic attack. Liv could have cared less! ha!)

5. BOTH girls get sick at the same time...and, not just sick...PUKING sick! Abby started about 8pm one night and by 5am, Liv was up puking right along with her.

6. I've had to cancel/reschedule work! Usually if a child is sick, it's no big deal because they stay with Scott while I work, but it's not like I will leave a sick child with a babysitter and we have no family here, and I can't take a puking child to work with me, so I had to cancel all my classes and lessons for THREE days last week!

Now, I am NOT complaining, because I know full well that it could be MUCH worse. I am simply stating this and laughing because it's like the universe knows my husband is gone, so it's playing a big joke on me. I pray every day for patience, safety, health, etc. and I know they say when you pray for things, God will often test you in order to strengthen you in those areas! At this time, I would like to say....Got it, Lord! Loud. And. Clear! :) ha!

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