Friday, May 30, 2008

Wonderful Week!!

The weather has been PERFECT all week. Even fall like some mornings. Abby's newest favorite thing to do is dig for grub worms in our landscaping. (Sorry, know we love you!:-) Scott taught Abby all about how the worms turn into beetle bugs, etc. so she is obsessed with finding them.

One of her many digging expeditions!
' Whatcha' got in there, Abby?'

Abby also discovered a long lost toy box this week. (so, it really wasn't long lost, it was just put away with all of her old 'baby' toys in it, hahaha!) But, it has brought hours of fun to her life. Here she is posing with some of the toys she found. Yes, that's an Elvis Elmo. hahaha! Thanks, Grandma Jewell. She has ALWAYS loved that thing.
When we put our house on the market we had to rid the house of MANY toys. Goggy and Gi-gi got stuck storing some of them, and others were stored in the garage. Now that we are moving and no more house showings (thank the Lord), we got out her grocery cart and big kitchen from the garage yesterday. She's taking her puppy, Alpine, to the grocery. (Don't you love her puppy's name, Aunt Shelle!?)
Cooking for me, Daddy and her toys!

And, can you believe there will be another little girl in this family in just 3 1/2 months? Here I am at 25 weeks. According to the scales at the Dr. office, this is only 9lbs. It might as well be 30lbs. because that's how I feel by the end of most days, hahaha!

The other day as I was running to the store, I asked Abby if she needed anything. She requested some 'pink finger paint polish!' (yes, I know we are in trouble...she is a mess, hahaha!) So, here we are with our matching toes after our pedicures. For those of you that know Abby, you know we almost always have matching toes. She has been obsessed with it since she was about a year old.

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Sara said...

Oh my gosh Annie, you are so stinkin cute!!! I so need for you to gain about 85 pounds so I don't look like a blimp when I'm pregnant! hahahaha
Love the foot pictures...those are the cutest. You have to continue that with both the girls!!!
Miss yall like crazy--we will see you soon!

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