Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Best Friends, Breakin' the Law, Big Awards....

Few things to share with everyone.

First: this pic of Abby and 'her dog!' Anytime we take a pic now, she immediately wants to see it and then wants to 'share it with Nanny and Gi-gi!' Of course, she loved this picture, so here she is with her Best Friend.

Second: Scott came home from work with a very special award and medal. He received the Secretary of Defense Medal for the Global War on Terrorism. It's description states:

This medal symbolizes the honor and achievement of civilians with the Department of Defense to defend freedom against danger that may develop on foregin soil.

Congrats, Scott. It's always neat to see what he comes home with, since it is basically the only glimpse into his work I get to see or know about. (other than the one day a year they allow family to visit his work....but they are just entertaining and feeding us that day, they hide all the good stuff, hahaha!)

Third: I got home from the gym last night and Scott says, 'hey, look at this...you can't deny it this time!' And what is he holding, laughing about????....a picture of the back of our car, looking like I am fleeing the scene of some crime. hahaha! I got a fine for $62.57 from the Illinois Department of Tranportation for improperly driving throughs tolls in Chicago. WHAT!? I was, and still am, so confused. One was from a trip to Chicago in Oct. of last year, when I drove there to meet a friend and fly to Cape Cod for a girls weekend. And, the other was from Feb. when we all met in Chicago, for another girls weekend. I guess I drove through 3 toll areas in the wrong lane and didn't pay. I thought you paid when you got on and off of the ramp, WHICH I DID, other than that, I have no idea where these are from, but they sure have a picture of it! hahaha! My friend thinks that if I call them and explain that I am not from there and I had no idea what I was doing, they will let them go. (sigh)

So, in the last 24 hrs. my daughter received her first sports medal, my husband was recognized by the Secretary of Defense for his work, and I got a $62.57 fine from the Illinois Dept. of Transportation. I give up! hahahaha! :-) BTW, Scott is going to frame the pic and hang it on the fridge for everyone to see. It really is a VERY funny sight. But, I better get my a$$ in gear, before he starts throwing a fit about girls weekends costing too much, hahahaha!

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SarahLeemans said...

Aaaahh, you are a fleeing fugitive!! haha- I guess if you do end up in jail, I am to blame! :( I hope you can get out of that fine.

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