Thursday, April 28, 2011

So many memories...

So, some blogs that I read (and some that I stalk-ha!) have these little monthly things called blog-offs where someone chooses a category or discussion and everyone sounds off on the same thing, on the same day. (Most of the blogs are people that I went to high school and their friends/family. It's a fun way to keep in touch with people...just to clarify that I am not out reading strangers blogs!-ha!) Anyways, this months topic was your most memorable experiences BUT you can not write about the usual/obvious....husbands, marriages, proposals, kids, births, etc. And, FEEL FREE TO JOIN IN and post your own blog about your most memorable experience...the more the merrier! :)

**I have a lot of great memories and fun times, but I narrowed it down quite easily actually. Some are general time periods of my life and some are specific experiences, so I hope you enjoy! :)

1. COLLEGE...let me start by saying that going away to college was AWESOME!! I hope and pray that our girls will get out and have the experiences (0r something similar) that Scott and I both were fortunate enough to have. Most of you probably know, I went to Murray State in Murray, KY. I knew NO ONE else that was going there, I didn't go with a friend...I don't even think when I went that there was an older North Harrison alumni there. I remember going to my summer orientation and getting in line for something and a group of kids that clearly all knew each other were talking and one made the comment, 'this is going to be just like high school all over again!' I did an about face in the line with tears in my eyes, thinking...there is NO way I can do this...I am not going to know anyone, blah blah blah, but then...then...I turned around and saw a girl staning with her parents and her name tag said she was from Louisville. She also looked like she knew no one, so my Mom and I went over and started talking to them, and that was it. That girls name was Laura Pendleton, we became friends at orientation, decided to room together, eventually became sorority sisters, and I just recently posted pics of her wedding! :) So, long story short, I left for college in the Fall of '99 knowing only a few people I had met at orientation, packed and moved my stuff into a small dorm room and that very day headed off to begin sorority recruitment. (A decision that surprised some, as 1. I was going to cheer at Murray but decided I was cheered out and I wanted to do something different and 2. no one I knew (other than a cousin and my brother in law) was in a greek one from back home ever talked about it, I didn't even know about them until an information session @ orientation, but I thought it would be a great way to get involved on campus and meet lots of people, so off I went...After three long days and lots of hard/quick decisions, I was a new member of Sigma Sigma Sigma! This is another huge memorable moment for me...all of my time as a collegiate Tri goes hand in hand with college, because all of my college memories involve Tri Sigma or some of my sorority sisters. For those of you that are not familiar with how the greek system works, I can tell you it's the total opposite of what movies and books don't buy your friends, you don't get hazed, etc. haha! It's actually a wonderful philanthropic organization that also happens to be LOADS of fun!! You haven't truly lived until you've lived in a sorority house! hahaha! So, college and pledging Tri Sigma is one of my biggest memorable experiences!

**The summer before my last semester of college a group of us (me and some of my sorority sisters) decided to take a last minute trip to Gulf Shores....we had so. much. fun! Probably the most fun vacation EVER! And, funny story...while we were there , we met a group of guys that included a guy you might have heard of name Eli Manning! ;) We hung with them at some bars and before I knew who Eli ever was I told him, after watching him chug a beer, that he was disgusting! haha! Scott now likes to refer to him as my 70 million dollar boyfriend! ha! Good times! :)
And, me and some of my sorority sisters before an event...Sigma Chi Derby Days, I believe!

2. This goes along with college, but a very memorable momet in my life was graduation from college. I was the first person on my father's side of the family to graduate from a four year college and, at the time I realized how big that was, but I realize even more so now...The first Lawson to graduate from college...that's a big one! My Dad's family is all hard working, contributing members of society they just took different routes such as the military and plain old hard work and sweat to get there, so for them to see me graudating from college, they were all so proud and happy, and my Uncle Danny still talks about it just about every time I see him. I am happy to carry that honor and I hope I never let them down and that there will be many more Lawson's to follow in my footsteps.

3. Another memorable time frame in my life was the summer of 1997, the summer before my Junior year of high school! Best. summer. ever! I was living the teenage dream! ha! Had a small job a few days a week, enough to make money to support my shopping habit and social life, plenty of time to lay at the pool and perfect my tan and my only real commitments were to go to cheer practices and cheer camps. I lots of time to hang with friends and nothing is better than a Harrison County summer night, right?! So much of this summer shaped who I am today. I have never laughed so hard, played so hard or had so much fun! Oh, to be 16 again!

On a bus to cheer camp! Oh, the memories! :)

4. Another memorable moment for me is running AND finishing my first half marathon. After I had Olivia I got a wild hair and decided that I would run a half marathon, you know...use the training to get back in shape, etc. My friend Sarah said that she would come and run it with me, so once I had her on board and someone to keep me on track, it was go time. I realize now I might have been pushing it a little, as I ran it when Liv was just 6 months old, but I am never one to back down from a challenge. And, I will tell you what lit my fire more than anything...Scott didn't think I would do it. Once I saw his doubt, IT. WAS. ON! ha! Let me clarify, he KNEW I could do it and he was very supportive, it was nothing like that...he just didn't think I would take the time to train with a new baby, a toddler, etc. But, I did. It was a miserable day...very cold and poured rain the entire 13 miles. My ipod water logged at mile one and I had to run the rest of the race with NO music. But, I did it! Since then I have ran probably 10 other races and even another half marathon, but nothing was better than finishing that one.

**And, I can't believe I am even attaching this awful picture of me...but, oh well...I just ran 13 miles in the freezing, pouring rain...we can't all be super models! haha!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Christmas in April?

No...I am just now getting around to blogging all of our Christmas pics and activities...better late than never, right!? ha! I've never blogged small pics before, but I knew this would be a HUGE post, so if you need to see a bigger view of them (*cough...Mom, Dad, Gigi and Goggy...cough*), just click on them and they will enlarge! :) The annual gingerbread house decorating... Off to see Santa...look how thrilled Liv was about it. She didn't even want to get out of the car! ha!
Waiting in the freezing cold!
Aww, look how nicely everyone is smiling...amazing what a candy cane and the promise of getting the hell out of that house will do!
Walking in a winter wonderland!
Mom and Dad got the girls this train to go around the tree this year. It was a huge hit! :)
Abby's school Christmas party. You know I weaseled my way into being the room helper that day! :)
Doesn't she look so thrilled with that cookie that she can't stand and wouldn't dare eat, even if her life depended on it!...Good times! haha!
More cookie decorating...but, these were for Santa, so this was exciting! :)
Christmas Eve Eve....(ahh, the joys of living near no have to celebrate when you can and spend most of the actual Holidays on the road!) So, on Christmas Eve Eve, we pretend it's Christmas Eve and the girls open their gifts from each other.
And, Abby let me open the gift she made for me @ school! LOVE it! :) She is an angel!
Sweet...Liv got Abby a Barbie pool!!
And, Abby got Liv a baby that crawls...see it there behind the tree. That naughty baby...she acts like her mother! ha!
The pure joy of kiddos on Christmas! :) I will be so sad when they are too big to get into all of this fun stuff.
WOW!! Two little girls must have been pretty good this year! Well, one was and the little one just got lucky! ha!

All Liv wanted was a smoothie! She is a MESS!

Hauling their breakfast arond in the gator! ha!
Christmas Eve day we traveled to Dixon to spend Christmas with Baby Will...well, other people were there, too, but that is who we were most excited about! haha! Christmas morning madness! So much fun. I can't believe it used to just be us. The family has grown a lot in the last 7 years! :)
My favorite gift of the Ugg mockasin's! My in-laws are the best gift givers! :) I got lots of other goodies, too. We all did...we are all spoiled by both families.
We spent Christmas Day in Dixon also, and then headed back home to have Christmas with my Mom and Dad on the day after Christmas! Abby's book! Every year for the kid's birthdays Mom makes them a scrapbook or a photobook. Love them!
Oh. my. word. Dad got Abby a pink BB gun! The smile on my face is masking my fear! haha!
'You'll shoot your eye out!' haha! No worries...both my Dad and Scott have extensive knowledge of guns and are very aware of safety. (and, I made sure it was promtly put away and she hasn't touched it since-ha!)
Cute picture of Mom and Liv.
This one cracks me up...present heaven! She's just relaxing and basking in her goodies!
And, some snow pics from Christmas Day in Dixon!

We knew it was coming...this one hit me square in the face and camera! haha!

Hope you enjoyed my brief run down of Christmas with the Utley's! :)

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