Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Today was Show Day at Little Gym. It's the end of the semester production where family can come to watch, they get their medals, etc. (saddest part about living by no family....no one to attend things like this. But, that's okay because everyone got to see her a few weeks ago, so that was our Show Day:-) It was so cute, and Abby did GREAT. I am so proud of her. She is such a good girl. She listens to her coach like a big girl and does everything they ask of her. She really seems to love things like this, so I am hoping to start her in dance and tumbling classes in the fall.

Always so happy to be at gym class!:-)
Tumble Track, one of her favorites.
And, this had me rolling. This was her SOLO attempt at a back-flip down the wedge. You can not tell this girl she can't do something. She will try anything, and wants to do it on her OWN!
No harm done, though. She was up on the balance beam flipping, one min. later. (at least she accepted some help on this one!)

She looks so darn cute up there!

Getting her medal! Awwww....
Abby and Maya discussing their medals. Maya is a bit younger than Abby. She will be 2 in June/July. She LOVES Abby. She follows her everywhere and her mom says she talks about Abby non-stop. It is so adorable.:-)
My big girl with her medal and stamps!

And, because she is just so gorgeous! :-)
After class, I told her we could go to lunch anywhere she wanted. We could have a picnic, go eat somewhere where we could sit outside, etc. She wanted to go eat at this Subway that she loves, that is inside a MotoMart. hahaha! So, that is where we went. Everyone loved her medal, and she proudly showed them all. I think it is so cute that anytime she gets to pick where to eat, she wants Subway or Target. hahaha!

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