Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh, brother.....

This picture of Abby just about says it all! hahaha! I have had a pretty bad day and this 'good grief' pic popped into my head and made me laugh, so I thought I would share the pic and my day with you all! :-) Can you believe she was only 8 weeks old in that pic? Such a little punkin' to already be so entertaining! :-)

Anyways, here is my day.....(I have found blogging to be quite therapeutic, and I am sure some of you get a good laugh at my expense, so it's win/win:)

This is the only day all week we don't HAVE to do anything. No gym, no school, no Dr. appts., no storytime, etc. I was all excited to just hang out, clean, get a coffee, etc. We made it to the coffee shop and Target. As we are leaving Target, I go to get my phone and no phone. Grrr...I start looking everywhere, still no phone. Abby and I turn around and go back in where. I leave my name and info. and go home to tell Scott that my new, expensive, Christmas gift phone is already gone. I pull in my driveway and my neighbor comes over. She tells me that her daughter has Fifth's disease and I need to call my Dr. (can potentially be very serious for pregnant women and the baby). So, I immediately feel horrible for my neighbor (no one wants to deliver that news, hahaha!...we love you, Amanda!) and run in to call my Dr. I call the Dr. and the receptionist is no help in the matter. She seems almost frantic, asking questions, etc. Says the Dr. will call me back. Okay, great. I call Scott to tell him about my phone and the Dr. He then tells me about MORE bad news concering our house hunt (yeah....if we don't have a contract on something in about 10 days, we will be's not going good AT ALL. I pretty much lost it in front of the realtor last night and I am about 100% certain she thinks I am a lunatic now! Oh well, hahaha!) Anways, we have NO clue what we are going to do, but don't worry...I'll keep you posted and we might even be moving in with some of you! :-)

So, I start calling my cell phone, and a guy answers! WOW! He says he JUST found my phone in the Target parking lot and is taking it to guest services right now. Bless his heart. If I knew who he was, I would kiss him right now. hahaha! And, funny story: He calls my brother first to let him know that he found it, and not thinking, my brother sends my SIL to the Target at home to get my phone. hahahahahahahahaha! I got a good laugh from that. I love you, Brother. But at least I have a story to tell now, when you start sharing my green tomato story. :-)

So, phone issue solved. But, more phone calls equals more bad news about a house we are looking at tonight, and I have to go to the Dr. tomorrow for lab work and possibly an u/s, and we will go from there. I am positive that nothing will come of it, but any prayers in that department would be GREAT!

It's only 2, and that is my day so far. I will leave you with this pic of Abby saying her prayers! :-) We always joke that she is praying that we make it through the first 3mo. of her life without messing up too bad. I think if we accomplished that;-), we can make it through this house mess and any scares that come up during this pregnancy! :-)


Vanessa said...

Oh Annie! What a day!!! Bless your heart.....I hope everything goes well with the home search and Dr. office. :)

The McAfee Trio said...

hang in there! i lost my cell phone three weeks ago at the oxmoor mall and still haven't found it! i guess i need to get a new one! :)

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