Monday, May 19, 2008

Girls Weekend!

Scott went on a man-cation this weekend with our BIL, Jeff and his friend, Joe. They went camping and fishing, so it was just the girls at home! :-) We had a busy and fun weekend. We were at the park Friday when we got the news on the house, so Abby and I decided to rent a movie and get take-out in celebration of our new home. Alvin and The Chipmunks was the movie of choice. It was super cute and she loved it. (she was NOT happy about taking it back today, LOL!) Saturday we had breakfast at our favorite coffee shop, went to the park and played and took a long walk. That afternoon she had a b-day party at World Class Gymnastics. It was so much fun. She was in heaven. She did EVERYTHING. The b-day girl was turning 5, so most of the kiddos were older, so Abby LOVED that. They played and had fun activities set up for them, had pizza and cake. (I can't believe I forgot my camera!) Sunday was more fun at the park. Scott surprised by us by coming home early, around lunch time. :-)

She got a prize in the mail from Aunt Elizabeth! She loved it. A Cardinals hat just like Daddy's, but pink, and a doll!
She's on the big potty now, too. I think she likes playing on it more than using it, but we are making some good progress in the potty-training, so if wants to sit and play on the toilet, that's fine by me! LOL!
Bubbles in hand, ready for the park!
Yummy! Admiring her Cheeto snack and cheesy hands! :-)
The moon last night!!


nanny said...

thank you for sharing so many pictures of my girl, i love seeing them, i look at them over and over, i love you guys, she looks more like you did then than ever, andrea, mom (nanny)

The McAfee Trio said...

we are working on potty training for sam too! he loves to poop in the potty...i know, weird! i feel like we have to hard part down so now on the the easy part i guess. good luck to you!

yes, my shirt is maternity. i think it is from motherhood....comfy!

SarahLeemans said...

awww...I missed these pics when I was in Vegas- so cute! She looks even MORE like you with her hair in a "pony", as Audrey calls it. Too cute!

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