Monday, June 28, 2010

Girls Weekend @ the lake!

Amanda, my good friend, will be moving soon and as one last hoorah, we took a Girls Getaway to the lake. We had SO much fun. Such a great group of ladies, lots of sun, shopping, games and good food...and, maybe a drink or two! ha!

Our view of the lake from the condo's balcony!

Dog Days...across the lake. We figured we would be safe having dinner and drinks there because we could just swim back the condo if we needed to! haha!

Me, Aimee and Amanda
Dinner @ Dog Days!

All of the ladies! :)

Thanks, for a super weekend, Ladies and Thanks, Miss Polly for letting us use the condo! We had a BLAST!! :)

While I was racing...

The girls were at home having a spaghetti BREAKFAST with Nanny! :)

I love these fun little angels more than words or pictures could ever express!

Race for the Cure

A couple weeks ago was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure was in St. Louis. Some of my friends thought it would be fun to make our own little team within the HUGE Cornbread team.

Here we are! :)

Nikki with some of the kiddos! They had so many fun things going on downtown. 100,000 people! Amazing!

Me, post race! (love that the arch is in the background)

The survivor's had their own finish line, and they all received roses and lots of cheers!

Just some shots of the mass amounts of people. This was probably 45min. after I finished, and there was still a crowd this huge! They said there were over 70,000 runners and walkers registered!

Haha, this guy took a picture of me taking a picture!
It was such an amazing experience to see the sea of pink survivor shirts and the sea of people, all out running and walking for a good cause. Very inspirational. Something everyone should experience, for sure!

Swim Lessons

Last summer I waited too long to get started with swim lessons and by the time I got around to it, we were only able to do a week's worth. This summer I wasted no time, and luckily Miss Lauren, who Abby loved last year, was available for lessons this summer, too. We've finished 2 weeks worth now and she is doing SO good. She still wanted to wear her little vest while we were at Sara and Jeff's this weekend, but she didn't need it. She finally has it down, and she really loves it, so I think we will do a couple more weeks this summer, too, maybe even start on some diving, etc.

You can't tell from the look on her face in these pics, but she does love it! haha!

Awww, Liv longs to be in the water. I am not sure how she will do, but we are even going to try some lessons with her, too. She did great at Sara and Jeff's this weekend, too. She only had on floaties and would NOT let us touch her. She jumped in, kicked and swam and chased Abby all over the pool. I have some pics that will be up soon, but her floating in those floaties was the funniest thing we had ever seen! Anyways, here she is rooting on Abby!

She still isn't thrilled with going off the diving board, but she will do it. She doesn't like to jump so they ususally just toss her in, but she's getting braver!

Who says big vehicles are just for boys!?

Scott redneck rigged the girls' jeep so that they could haul stuff! They LOVE it!

Even Liv is in on the jeep action this summer. She knows how to drive it but can't steer for anything...sounds like someone else in this family. haha!

Abby has been asking for the Little Tykes fire truck that sprays water for a long time now. Abby NEVER asks for anything. She has never had a fit in a store, begging for a toy, she never asks for anything special for her birthday/Christmas, etc. So, we decided that we would get the fire truck for her. Well, it just so happened that the town's yard sale was coming up and we decided to participate and rid our basement and closet of some things. When Abby realized what we were doing she was 100% on board and wanted to sell some of her toys. So, we told her if she got some of her old toys together and sold them and donated them, we would get her the truck. The yard sale was a success, we got rid of a ton...and, Abby got her fire truck.
She was so excited that I decided we would put it together as soon as we got home...I didn't need Scott to do it, I am woman hear me roar, right!? haha!

Yeah, one look at the directions and I realized this little shin dig would need to be moved to the garage where the REAL tools were! And, there I am...using a power drill...booyah! hahaha!

We did it...and, yes...she really did help me a TON!

She's off! :)
Watering our flowers! This thing really is too cute! The girls LOVE it, and play with it every day!

Weeeee're going to Kentucky...

This summer has been filled with MANY weekend trips. We love going to visit family and the girls think it's vacation (poor, deprived things have never been on a 'real' vacation, so don't tell them any different-haha!).

We spent a long weekend in Dixon with Scott's parents! Liv and buds! :)

Abby loves to fish...just like her Daddy!

Liv loves to watch, work on her tan and cause trouble...just like her Mommy! haha!

First catch of the night...uhhhhhh, try again, guys! ha!

These grub worms don't phase her, and we aren't positive but we think Liv even ate one! Oh, never a dull moment with our family! haha!

That's a little better, but they have yet to beat the monster fish from last summer that was bigger than Abby!

Me and my Liv! :)

Go, Abby!!! She caught this one all by herself!!

I even caught one with the Dora pole!
Everyone yelled, 'Liv...noooooo!' at once, so I grabbed the camera instead of running to her like everyone else...It was totally worth it! haha!

It's Summertime!

-BLOG! has been on my to-do list for weeks now, so prepare to be overloaded with over a months worth of pictures. And, boy has it been a busy month! Summertime is in full swing.

Happy, happy girls! :)

Dixon officially has the summertime hair cut! haha! He actually looks good and slim! And, he is much happier!

This picture cracks me up! One of Abby's little friends had a water party and somehow these 3 ended up in this storage bin! It reminds me of pictures from back when we were kids!

Just too cute! :)

Grace came to play with us while Amanda and Richie finished up some projects at their home before the big move!! :( The girls had a blast!

Love it! :)

I am going to keep these as short and too the point as I can, as I know everyone just wants to see the pictures, right Mom!? haha!

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