Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lots going on around here...

My goodness, I don't even know where to begin, so I will start with Liv and the photo above. I know I have mentioned on both here and Facebook that she doesn't listen to any childrens music. Her favorite stuff is Mumford and Sons, Glee soundtracks, Adele, Led get the idea! So, I actually sat her down one day with a stack of CD's and had her listen to them and find some music she likes. It was nothing less of a success...she picked a Camp Rock CD of Abby's as her favorite, followed by a mix CD of mine that was accidentally presented to her, a CD of Christmas music and then she asked me where the good music was! ha! Love that child.

On to more significant the STL Cardinals winning the World Series! Night of game 6 we were sitting in the living room watching the game. I was reading on my Nook with little to no interest in the game, Scott came over, put this hat on my head and the Cardinals came was almost creepy. I took it off, the Rangers make a move, put it back on, Cardinals fire back and then I was no longer allowed to take it off. ha! They end up coming back and winning game 6 in one of the best games in MLB history! This is a HORRIBLE picture of me, but I feel it is blog worthy because I feel as though I single handedly played a role in the Cardinals winning the World Series! :) ha!
Happy Anniversary/Birthday/Deployment to me! :) Have I mentioned I have the greatest husband in the world?! Well, I do! :) I realize this ring won't help me with the kids while he's gone, it won't clean or cook or pour me wine, but it sure is nice to have!!! ha! :)
The BIGGEST news of the week (last week was one for the books around here!)...we bought a 2 acre lot with trees and a creek!! YAY!! We probably won't build for a couple of years, but it's so exciting to have the land where our dream home will one day sit! :) This is our favorite's a little 'secret' (as the girls like to call it) cleared out spot back in the woods that you wouldn't know was there unless you ventured back there!
Liv and I on the 4 wheeler while we were looking at it one day!

Why are we always on the 4-wheeler looking at our land?!...Oh, because it's right behind our house! hahaha! Yes, we are those people that bought a lot in the same neighborhood. At least moving will be easy, right!? We have eyed this land since we moved in, but it just came available this week. Very exciting.
And, just a cute pic of the girls playing!
More VERY exciting news...Liv mailed her papi's away last week to babies that need them ;), so this week she got her new BIG GIRL bed!!! Mass chaos yesterday while putting the bed together.
And, one very excited little girl last night! She LOVES it. It's so cute. I bet she said 100 times last night, 'hey, Abby...let's go see my new bed!' :)
Putting her to bed last night was a family affair!
Lots of love from big sister! :)

And, Abby wanted me to make sure I put her scary Halloween movie face on here! I'd say she's right on. Maybe she will be the next freaky little kid in a scary movie. The Ring 3?!?! ha!
Scott leaves on the 15th. We have lots to do and lots planned in the next 2 weeks. Not sure how much more we can fit in, but I am sure we will find a way to pack them full! :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Look at me go! I'm so good, you might even have to click on older posts at the bottom to read all of the new posts! I WILL get caught up (even though I skipped a big chunk of summer stuff-ha!).'s not just a river in Egypt! :(

Well, as I have mentioned before, Scott is deploying to Afghanistan...SOON! :( I am pretty much in denial about it, to be completely honest! Never mind the fact that there is now a folder in our house titled Malaria Stuff (see above) or these packets of family resource guides! The favorite is the one below. I know it's real and serious, but Scott and I both got a good chuckle from it!
Or, package after package that arrives each day, filled with his issued gear...
Or the endless training on subjects and items that he usually handles! haha! (don't you love my smart ass notes...Turn On! ha!)
The trunk that he will have to pack and ship a couple of weeks before he leaves. (I told him that wouldn't even hold my shoes if I had to pack for 4 months....he wasn't amused! ha!)
I like to keep most of my posts light and silly, but I am asking for your prayers and good thoughts for all of us over the next 4-5 months. For his safety, for our safety while he's gone, for my sanity, for the great friends that have offered to help out with the girls, for our family that will be making extra trips to help us out, for Scott and all of the men and women that are away from their friends and family especially during the Holidays, for Abby and Liv who will miss their Daddy very much :(, especially Abby, who is extra sensitive to change.

If anyone would like to send him anything or leave him a note on email or Facebook, I know he would appreciate it. I am afraid the Holidays will be much harder on him than they will be on us. I know I sent his address to most of you already, but if you would like to have it, just let me know! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's racing time...

Abby's school held a 5K and 1 mile run this year for the first time, in hopes that it would be a great new fundraiser for the school. We were all about helping out and running for her school (and, the race was a huge success so hopefully it will be an annual event). Abby has been begging to do a race for a while now, so I thought this would be a good one for her start with. She wants to run a 5K with me, so I told her if she did this, she could do a 5K with me next. :) There she is with her friend, Sarah!
Never one to be out done by her big sister, Liv wanted to run the 1 mile, too. Abby made her a number! Sooooo cute!
The school's unofficial mascot...a big fat lazy cat that hangs out at the playground! ha!
The 5K was an hour before the 1 mile, so Scott and I came early to run that, too. Here we are...all done.
Liv decided that she was really going to do the mile, so at the last minute Mom decided to do it, too. Scott and Abby were off...
There goes Abby...

Awesome Job, Abby! She got cranky about half way through it and wanted to walk. When she realized that people were passing her, though, she didn't like that one bit so she sprinted the last quater mile or so. She is something else, I tell ya'! And, she still wasn't happy because she didn't win or place. (Never mind the fact that all the kids that placed were probably in 5th grade or older-ha! She is a MESS!)
We were very proud of her! :) And, Liv, too. :) Funny story...Liv had to pee during the run so they stopped and peed at someone's house along the race route. Thank goodness for small town living! haha!
Big hug from a proud big sister! They were waiting to receive their medals!
When Liv walked up to get her medal the guy looked confused and said, 'did this little one run the race?' and before I could even say anything a woman standing there said, 'yes, sir she did...she did the whole mile and she gets a medal, too!' It was so cute.
They were teasing us, saying, 'man, the Utley's already have their girls in training!' ha! I love that the girls enjoy running and working out with us. Liv even walked on the treadmill for almost 20min. the other day when I got done on it. ha! Crazy girls!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Liv's THREE!

Another year and my baby girl is now THREE!! Her birthday is Sept. 19th! Here we are the night before setting everything up (side note: this bounce house ripped in three places the first week we had it so I took it back and she now has a trampoline thing-ha!).
Ready for the birthday girl when she wakes up!
The big sister woke up first and jumped right in! Shhhh...don't tell Liv! ha!
YAY! Good morning, sweet girl!

Her birthday was on a Monday and I work Mondays 3-9, so there wasn't going to be a time that day when all 4 of us would be home at the same time, so we celebrated Sunday night before, then did presents and cake in the morning before Abby went to school!

Liv-I can not believe you are three already. You are so funny and sweet. You love animals, you would go to dance class every night if you could (you LOVE it), your big sister is your best friend, you are a total Mommy's girl. We go everywhere together and do everything together. If I go somewhere in town without you, everyone is asking where you are! :) You even attend meetings with me, often being the only kiddo that is allowed! You love to be outside, you are wild and goofy and you are always having fun. You are also very sensitive and sweet and thoughtful. You are also very independent, you have to do everything yourself. When we talk about favorite colors, animals, foods, etc. you always say, "I love every color!"..."I love all animals!" And, you do. You have such a zest for life. You love to wear cheer t-shirts and you almost always have your hair in a high pony tail with a 'cheer bow!' You and Abby are both known for your bows! ha! You look like and have many mannerisms like your Daddy. Your favorite show is Team Umizoomi. You wanted only a REAL lion cub for your birthday! ha! You bring your bike in the house every day and ride it everywhere! ha! Fruit is your favorite food. You make us laugh so hard every day. You have better taste in music than most adults. (I probably should make you listen to some kids songs/nursery rhymes, but you singing Mumford and Sons is just too cute-ha!) You are a lefty, your hair parts to the left, you tumble/bat/etc. left. You LOVE sweets and candy (which is the total opposite of your sister :) I hope you always have such a love and passion for people, animals and life! You are a very special and beautiful little girl. Many people love you so very much, and you are a bright shining light in the lives of us all! Here's to many, many more birthdays, you little angel!

Football, Fieldtrip and Festivities...

The weekend that we went home for Liv's birthday, Scott and I drove to Lexington Friday night and met up with some friends for the football game Saturday morning. Scott is a huge UK fan and he hadn't been to Lexington since he was in the 3rd grade, so he was VERY excited! I am NOT a huge UK fan, but I was just along for the fun! :)

My tight wad husband found some lady's yard to park in (you know, to save $5 bucks) and the next thing I know we are tromping through people's yards! I was scared to death zigzagging through all these yards and garages, but we save $5! (can you feel my eye roll through the computer-ha!)
We finally made it to the parking lot where we were meeting everyone to tailgate (you know, where all the other people parked)!
Game time! We had great seats!
And, the reason I was so excited to go...the UK cheerleaders! ha! (they are one of the best squads in the nation!)
Give me a N! Give me an E! Give me a R! Give me a D!
We had a great time. I told him the next game we go to, though, they better be playing UofL or IU, so I can wear some red! ha!

Sept. 16th Abby had her first Kindergarten field trip. I hog everything school related, so I let Scott go on this field trip! :) They went to Eckert's Orchard to pick apples!

They have rides, games, sand pits, bounce pads, petting zoo, pig races and all sorts of other fun things for the kiddos!

Abby and her class! They had so much fun! And, Scott did great documenting every minute of it for me. He took MANY more photos than this. I was very impressed!
Not sure if anyone remembers me talking about the Dinner Auction I planned last year for Abby's school. Well, we went in with 5 other couples and donated a Luau. 10 couples purchased the Luau, and it was the weekend of the Sept. 17th. We provided all the food, drinks and entertainment, as well as the venue, music, etc. We had it at the Johnson's clubhouse (a couple that was hosting along with us), so that Friday we were all out there setting up and the kiddos were running WILD! The boys put the little ones on the 4 wheeler and were PUSHING it! haha! It wasn't on!
The girls practicing their cheers! :)
Abby and cutie, Trey!
And, the night of the Luau! ALOHA!
With my friends, Staci and Lynn.
The men were in charge of the bar!
And, those were the only photos I am allowed to post from the luau! haha! Let me just say, one reason we will never fully fit in around here, these people party like nothing I have ever seen. We can't hang with them! ha! But, we had a great time and the luau was a huge success. Everyone had a blast. We had them all on teams and they played different games throughout the night, we had tons of food and drinks, music, and just a bunch of good, crazy fun!

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