Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fireman's Anniversary!

This weekend our little town hosted a local Fireman's Picnic. Scott ran in the 5K Saturday morning. It was his first race ever, and he did AWESOME! I am pretty sure he finished in the top 10 of the men! Go, Scott! The girls and I went out to watch him cross the finish line!

Mom came in this weekend, so once she got here we headed back out to the picnic for lunch and some fun! Abby had a grand old time dancing. At one point she was on the table! I have no idea where she gets some of the moves she was pulling out, but we were crying we were laughing so hard. I would have given anything for our camcorder at this point!

Watching the helicopter take clue why this picture is sideways! opps!

Wind from the helicopter almost blowing her over!

Maybe hanging onto Daddy was a better idea!

Playing in an ambulance with Mom!

And, in a firetruck!

And, then we found some REAL fun!

hahahaha! She looked SO stinkin' cute. The pics they took of her was the most adorable things I have ever seen. I will try to scan one later!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of Preschool!

Well, yesterday was the BIG day!!! Abby was SO excited!!

Look at that backpack! hahahaha!

What a big girl!!

I was proud of myself. I only got teary on the drive there. Once we got there it was busy and exciting, and she went right in and was ready to go. I really didn't have time to get emotional about it.

A little girl from our neighborhood is in her class, and they were busy playing when we left.
We got there early to pick her up, and they were out on the playground, so we got to see them play for a while and line up to come in. It was SO cute! She had a GREAT day. She told us about her new friends. Her favorite is 'a tall boy with brown curly hair.' She said she played with him the most, but she doesn't know his name. But, she said he is a REALLY nice boy! Uh-oh! haha! I know who she is talking about, and he is a doll! She was tired and hungry when we first picked her up, and our questions quickly annoyed her, but once she ate and was rested a little, she told us a lot about it. All about what they had for snack (Kissing Hand cookies), and she told us all the teacher helpers were really nice, and 'all the kids were good, but two boys cried, but she did not cry, no way!' ha! And, last night she was telling Scott about how she went to the poyty by herself, but the teacher waited outside the door for her. Then she told Scott that one of the little boys peed on the carpet. She went on and on and Scott kept asking, 'are you for real!?' She said, yes...yes. Then, as she was getting ready for bed, she told Scott, 'I was just teasing you, no boy peed on the carpet!' hahahahahaha! What a goofus! She's excited to go back's picture day!! How adorable!

And, she spent about an hour last night playing school with all of her animals!!! ha!


We have carrots!! Abby is SO excited. At 7am she was asking if she could go to the garden to get more carrots! haha!

Olivia is excited, too.....about everything! ha! Little goofball!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A word about my big girl! :)

I took this picture with my phone yesterday and I have been looking at it and cracking up all day! Here is Abby, putting on a concert in the back yard. Everything was her idea: the outfit, the microphone, the stage, etc. She just hopped up there and went to town! The next Hannah Montana??!! hahahaha, let's hope not! Anyways...

my big girl is going to be starting preschool on Tuesday! I am so excited for her, but still torn. She will be 4 in Dec. so she still has 2 full years before Kindergarten, so we had pretty much made up our minds that we would not start preschool until next year. We didn't want her to get burnt out on school, etc. Well, the more and more I thought about it (and the fact that Kindergarten is ALL day now, which I HATE), the more I thought about how much she would LOVE it and how good it would be for her. The only school I wanted her in had a waiting list, so I decided Thursday that I would just call them and go ahead and place her on the list and maybe there would be an opening next semester. The school is a private Catholic school, located about 10min from us. They have a super reputation, they have the option of going 2, half day (which is the only schedule that I would have her do at this point), some of our neighbors have their kiddos enrolled, so she would have some familiar faces. Anyways, I called and talked with them for a long time Thur. morning, and by Thursday afternoon we were contacted by a teacher, letting us know that if we wanted, there was an available spot for THIS SEMESTER! WHAT!? I didn't know if we were for sure going to do it, but we went over and met with some teachers and looked at the preschool classrooms, and then went back Friday and met with her teacher, and Abby got to play in the classroom that she will be in, etc. I really love it, so we are going to go ahead and start.....TUESDAY! We are leaving in a bit to go and get her school supplies. Very exciting. She only goes twice a week, for three hours at a time, and it is structured very much like a playadate minus Mommy (very little sit down school work and I like that, I think it's so important that they just get to be kids for as long as they can...they do all of their lessons through play and group activities, field trips, etc), so I think she will have a BLAST! Other than dance, we have never done the whole Mommy drops off and leaves thing, so I am not sure how the first day or 2 will go, hopefully perfectly. We have been talking alot about how fun it is, and how Mommy will be waiting with all the other Mommy's and she has a lot of questions, but she's excited. I heard her with Olivia saying, 'I'm going to go to preschool, Liv!' It was so sweet! So, stay tuned. I am sure I will have plenty of pictures and stories Tuesday!

Growing too fast!

This has been a tough week for me. Abby will now be starting preschool and Olivia is almost 1!! I just can NOT believe how fast this past year has flown by!

Just some fun pics of the girls from this week!

Look at that doll face!
I actually think they look alike in this pic! The older Liv gets, the more I see her resembling Abby!

Awwwww, so much sisterly love! hahaha!

Abby likes to 'go get Olivia' when she wakes up from naps. So, I will let her go in for a few min. before I go in and this is what they do. FUN, FUN! ha!

Abby put all her bows in her hair! haha! I just love her sweet little face in this pic!

Just when I thought Abby was the most determined, hard-headed child alive, Olivia came along....

She can barely fit through here, but she will obsess over it forever.

Until she makes it!

Yikes, look at that devilish little grin!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Home, Reunion, Baby Showers...

Last Thursday, the girls and I headed home for a fun filled long weekend. I had my 10yr. class reunion, that I had been planning for almost a year! So exciting! It's always nice to be home: family, friends, running errands while Mom and Dad keep the girls! :) Heaven!!

Nanny and her girl playing dress up. They choreograhed an entire dance routine. It was hysterical. I got it on video, but it would probably take 5hrs. to upload. (and, Mom would probably not appreciate me posting that for the whole world to see...hahaha!) Lookin' good, ladies!

And, I am guilty of getting in on the dress-up fun. Mom has all of my old dance costumes/cheer uniforms (over 10 yrs. worth of them!), and Abby LOVES playing in them. This is a combo of some of them. I thought about wearing this to my reunion! hahaha!

Before we left for the reunion!

We had am AWESOME turn-out, around 60-70 classmates showed up and with their guests, we had close to 120-130 people in attendance. It was SO MUCH FUN!

Catching up with everyone was so wonderful! I miss you girls SO much! :( (Dawna, Em and Kristen!)

BFF's since 1st grade! It doesn't matter what we are doing together, when Ang and I are together, it's a GOOD TIME!

I love this girl! I am so glad she married James, so she could be at the reunion! hahaha! Jamie, you're the best! I had a BLAST! We must get together again SOON!

Brad, my very first boyfriend. He painted my name on his face at the school's Fall was a VERY serious relationship! hahaha! It was so fun to see him and meet his wife!

Jason, one of my oldest and dearest friends!

DEL! Never a dull moment when he is around! Love this guy!
The classic Bob Plummer cowboy hats that he made for everyone when we were Seniors! This weekend really made me miss those days and all those people from North Harrison! Good times!

We had a family picnic the following morning out at the elementary. It was so fun to meet and see everyone's kiddos!

Me, Ang and our girls. It's no easy task getting all these Divas to smile for a picture!

Close enough! haha!

Katherine, another person that has been a dear friend of mine for YEARS, at her baby shower. I can't wait to meet Baby Garrett! :)
And, my girl making homemade waffles for everyone yesterday morning!

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