Saturday, May 24, 2008

This baby needs a name....

Well, our child remains nameless. It is really starting to drive me crazy. hahaha! We have resorted to calling her Tami most of the time, just to be ridiculous (long story), and now Abby is starting to call her that, too. IT MUST STOP! hahaha! It is so hard to chose a name for a child. What a huge responsibility. This is something they will have FOREVER, unless they are named Destiney Hope and change their name to Miley Ray Cyrus (GREAT move, BTW, on her part....I would be changing my name, too) offense to anyone named Destiney Hope that might be reading this blog!

Anyways, we can not decide on a name. It's not that we even disagree, we can't come up with anything. There are a few names we like, but we just aren't 100% sure. It took a while to come up with Abigail, but as soon as it was suggested, that was it....we KNEW she was Abigail.

So, we are taking suggestions! This might be why we are having such a hard time, but here is the criteria for our name:

**It has to be something that is cute and adorable for a baby/toddler.
**It has to be solid/nomal/popular enough to help her survive the teenage years. hahaha!
**It has to be edgy enough to get her through college, yet classy/dignified enough to put on any resume'/diploma/certificate of achievement.
**It has to be glamorous and graceful to accompany her through adulthood.
**And, you have to be able to imagine her having this name if she were President of the USA, CEO of a large company, or just one heck of a super PTA president!:-)

That's all we want from a name, that isn't too much to ask, is it!? ;-) hahaha! See, now even you all of you are having a hard time.

We have a small list already, but we would LOVE any suggestions that you have. We like old/southern names. If the name can have a nickname, the nickname has to meet all above requirements, also! hahaha!

HELP US! :-)


The McAfee Trio said...

i feel your pain! it is a BIG reponsibility! i'll be thinking....

Nanny Alanna said...

I love the name Alanna, but she would get called Alonna, and Atlanta and all kinds of crap so you are off the hook; really, i love the name Lanie Elizabeth Utley, it may be hard to pull off as "president Lanie" but not too bad, what ever you all come up with will be perfect; just like she will be!! love you

The McAfee Trio said...

ok, here is what i've got...

i should first tell you that abigail has always been on our short list of girl names....i'm partial to 'A' names. we liked adelyn (addie) last time and avery this time. both nice???? maybe????

Anonymous said...

Okay, here are a few off the top of my head... Jenna, Kaylee, Sophie, Lakin, and I really like Lanie too. My all time favorite girl name is Katie but I know thats old and used alot!! anyway happy name hunting, You'll think of the perfect name don't sweat it!! miss you all Love, Marsha

Anonymous said...

OOOPS!!! I didn't mean to be anonymous

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