Sunday, January 4, 2009

Will we EVER get rid of this monkey!?

Okay, I have had this monkey since I was a freshman in high school! Through the years, he has been my lucky monkey. He was a good luck charm, he went away to college with me, he's traveled all over the US stuffed in suitcase or pillow case. When we got married, I decided it was time to finally retire the lucky monkey. Well, Scott found him one day when Abby was a baby, and he's back....we can't get rid of him. No matter where I store him, he ALWAYS finds his way back into our lives. haha!

I slept in this morning and when I got up Scott told me to look at the pictures on the camera. Sure enough...there he was! Olivia LOVES him!

And, here is Abby with him when she was a baby! See, he's everywhere! ha! She always loved him, too. I think I can safely say that, at this point, I can not EVER get rid of this monkey. I am almost afraid of what might happen if I did, because he sure has truly been good luck and he definitely has no plans to ever leave on his own! haha!

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