Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Miss Olivia!

Olivia is growing and changing so much. She is SO funny. She laughs all the time, and has the goofiest little personality. She is also growing out of her baby-ness. :( She now hates the car seat (for the most part). She will only sleep in it if the car is moving. If we are in a store, she spends the entire time straining to sit up in her car seat, until she gets so mad I just get her out and carry her. She is moving and rolling everywhere, and almost sitting by herself. Abby was sitting by herself by 4mo. and while I was hoing for a fat, lazy little baby this time around, she seems to be following right along with Abby in being a mover early on. I remember when Abby was 4-5 mo. old, we would be at the grocery or somewhere and I would have her in the cart cover, just sitting in the cart. We would get tons of comments from passer-bys! ha!

Anyways, here she is, wishing she could run around with Abby. ha!
Sitting like a big girl. I think my girls were born with abs of steel or something. She wants NOTHING to do with lying down on her back. She can't see what's going on that way. ha!

Look how far her hangs over her little ears now. haha! And everyone said she would lose all that hair by now!


nanny said...

you little angel, if you are like Abby, how lucky Mom and Dad are for that!!! and me too, i will have another wonderful little girl to spend time with

The Utz Family said...

aww..she is so sweet!

Andrea said...

I've got a funny story for you. Hopefully, it doesn't creep you out! ;-) I met you way back when at Michelle's house for thier Derby partay (Of which, I don't remember much, so I'm sorry if I offended you in any way! Actually, I think I remember Michelle saying you were bringing your "new boyfriend" Have no clue if that was Scott, but I assume so, or, I hope so!;-))... I am a friend of Brooke's.

Anyways on to the story, I take my daughter to the doc one day (Nassim & Assoc) and the nurse who helped me looked OH SO FAMILIAR! I just couldn't put my finger on it! Then it dawned on me! I called Brooke and was like, "Does Michelle's mom work at Nassim?" And, of coarse, she had no idea, but she called Michelle and she confirmed that it was her... This is where it's creepy. I'd been "stalking" - nice stalking - your blog and seen pictures of her on there and apparently, I happened to remember what she looked like... Wierd. I can barely remember my lunch most days for work, but I can remember your mom!? ;-) She must be special!
;-) Michelle sure is! As, I'm sure you are too...

Anyways, I thought you would enjoy that story! I've finally creeped out of stalkerdom, so mosey on over and stalk me! ;-) haha

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