Sunday, January 4, 2009

A sled??

Yesterday, I gave Abby and Scott the job of going grocery shopping for me. Well, of course, they can't go out without a trip to Rural King. When they got home, Scott came in carrying.....a sled??!! His response....'every kid needs a sled!' Okay, fine by me, and I should have known that this sled would provide endless hours of fun for Abby. Too bad there isn't snow. haha! But, that doesn't stop us.

Getting ready for her first ride in a sled. Of course, she had to load it down with the new gifts she had just received in the mail...Thanks, Meg and Amelia! :)
And, they're off!

Abby said she was going to get dressed to play in the snow, and this is what she came out wearing. Play in the snow....luau??, it's all the same to her! haha!

The sled even doubles as a bed! ha!

And, the fun continues today....this is gonna' be trouble!

Oh, dear Lord!

Awww, but she recovered nicely! haha!

I don't even ask anymore! haha!
Wow, this is quite possibly the best $8 we have ever spent! haha!


The Utz Family said...

I love the hill of pillows and blankets!! That is great. Hannah keeps asking when it is going to sonw!

The McAfee Pack said...

every kid does need a sled!! i love it!!

Chris and Melissa said...

what a little ham!! she's adorable!

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