Saturday, January 31, 2009


I haven't been blogging much because about 85% of our readers don't have power, due to the bad storms. :( Western KY was hit really hard (as well as Southern IN). My brother finally got his power back, and Mom's work finally opened, again. You know it's bad when a large pediatrician's office closes for 2 days. My in-law's might not have power for another 3 weeks, but my sister in law did get power back yesterday (thank goodness she lives close to businesses, schools and hospitals or it would have been weeks for them, too). Most of Scott's family will also not have power for weeks, but we are praying it comes back on SOON!

So, I am going to take the time to just post some of what is going on with us and the girls, mostly for my own purposes, but feel free to enjoy and read!

***Scott-Scott is now going to the chiropractor for his neck pain. After YEARS of complaining about it and being in pain, he is finally feeling some relief from it. Of course, he is having to go 2-3 times a week and it takes forever and I complain about it (ha!), but I am glad it's helping him. Work is going good. He is very busy and might have some traveling to do soon. We are debating going along with him for one of the trips, but if not we will be going home and bunking with Mom and Dad while he's gone. (I do not like to be here alone with the girls...I'm a scaredy cat-ha!, so if he is gone for longer than a night or 2, we head home) He used my pregnancy to get out of a lot of traveling last year (he HATES to fly) but this year he has no excuse, and I am NOT getting knocked up again just so he can travel way! haha! He takes every chance he can get to go hunting and is about to go crazy with this cruddy weather. He would much rather be outside hunting, working on the trench-ha!, fishing, or just finding things that need to be done. He's in luck because as soon as spring gets here, he will have this whole yard to landscape! YAY!

***Me-Week one of training is almost done...going good. Nothing real exciting to report. Just running and working out. However, I have found some funny things while reading more about running. One being bathroom issues. I was reading about taking bathroom breaks during long runs and what to eat before, etc. And, it was talking about how serious marathon runners often just pee in their pants and keep running. Sorry, but there is NO accomplishment worth peeing your pants in public ON PURPOSE! haha! And, everything talks about running at a pace where you could carry on a conversation. I laugh at this, too, because I am quite certain that 1. it doesn't matter how comfortable I become with running, I will NEVER be able to easily carry on a conversation while running, and 2. I doubt anyone wants to hear what I have to say while I am running because most of it would involve cursing, and questioning why on Earth did I think it was a good idea to try and run this far. haha! There's not too much else to report on my end. I am quite boring! I am hosting Bunco here this month (Feb.) and I am super excited. I love having people here, and the fact that I finally have met enough people to host something here is very exciting for me. ha!

***Oh....Scott and I are going on a mini-vacation without the girls in a couple of weeks. I am so excited. We will only be gone 2 nights and we arent going far, but it will be 2 nights of uniterrupted sleep and I can't wait. And, our condo is less than a mile from an outlet mall! YAY!

***Abby-She's doing great. She loves dance now and her recital is in May. She also does a program at the school, Parents as Teachers, that she loves and we have met some great people. She will start either tumbling or t-ball this summer. She is having some Mommy issues lately and is more attached than ever. She is also starting to show some jealousy towards Olivia. I knew that would come though, as Olivia is more lively and getting into things now, etc. But, she still adores her and is a SUPER big sister. She makes me laugh so hard every day. She is so smart it's ridiculous. And, she keeps us all entertained. She loves Tinkerbell things, Mamma Mia, playing games, playing dress-up (and demands to dress herself), music and making music, doing arts and crafts and cooking with me! :)

***Olivia-One word: GOOFBALL! She is so silly. The child laughs all day long. She is all over the place now. She grabs everything, takes things from us, can sit alone for a short amount of time, rolls to get to what she wants, learned how to eat rice cereal and has been sleeping through the night for the last week or so, since she started eating cereal. She is bigger than Abby was at this age, so to us she looks huge-ha!, but everyone says she is small. We will see...she has an appt. on Tues. It's two weeks late, but oh well! I hate takig them to the Dr. when they are well, as I am scared they will get something while we are there, so I had to make the appt. for a time when Scott could keep Abby. The fewer hands we have touching the germy Dr.s office, the fewer our chances of bringing something home with us. At least, that is my theory on it. My favorite part of every day is getting Olivia ready for her bath, because she laughs HYSTERICALLY when you take her onesie off. I have no idea why, but she thinks it is so funny and I love it. We have been battling some dry skin issues. Her little cheeks are chapped and she has cradle cap (2 things that we, actually, didn't experience with Abby). But, we finally got some stuff that seems to be working and she has to have her weekly hair treatments with olive oil and the cradle cap is under control now, too. She loves her little soft blankie that Uncle and Aunt Marsha got her, she still takes the paci (and I HATE those **** things), she's extremely ticklish, and she LOVES Abby.

***Dixon-He's more of a jerk than ever...haha! No, not really! We love Dixon to death, he's just a big baby and is like having another kid. He has been having to sleep in the garage the last week or so because he won't stop whining and barking at night (he goes through these phases), and once he woke Olivia up one night, that was it! I will be glad when it gets nice enough to run outside, because I will taking his big butt with me. He loves playing in the basement with Abby. He always tries to sneak her food, and sometimes she is more than willing to just give it to him...grrrr! He is truly a great dog. I am hoping that once the girls are old enough to help and enjoy it, to get him certified as a therapy dog and take him around to nursing homes and hospitals. He would love it and I know everyone would love him. :)

***And, that's all for now in the Utley Household! :)


Dawna said...

I will tell you that it is easier to go #2 after you have been running for a little while. It should get better before race day comes though.

The Utley Crew said...

haha! So far I haven't had any 'issues' but everyone tells me that, so now I am getting paranoid and nervous about it. haha!

wick said...

Hey, if anyone needs anything, please let me know...I hope everyone is able to still stay warm. Good luck with the training!!

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