Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mornings around here....

Mornings around here are fairly routine. Abby and I are both creatures of habit. We almost always have the same thing breakfast, immediately upon waking up we do puzzles and/or read, after breakfast we do some type of learning activity, such as arts and crafts, practice writing letters and numbers, etc. and our newest thing...Mamma Mia! ha! We try really hard to not let Abby watch much TV. Ususally, she will be allowed to choose a show in the mornings to watch while I am finishing up the breaskfast mess, etc. However, we got Mamma Mia for Christmas, and I can't resist a musical, so she has been asking me to turn that on each morning. Sometimes she watches it, sometimes it just serves as background noise, BUT she knows EVERY word to EVERY song now. haha! I think it might be safe to say that I have the only 3yr. old that is an ABBA fan! ha! Anyways, this HUGE train puzzle is her favorite for the time being, and I got out my camera to take a picture of her doing the puzzle in her tap shoes and I started snapping and then realized that my coffee in the Budweiser glass was in every shot! hahahaha! It was too funny not to share. We are such high class around here...hahaha!

And, just so everyone knows that I didn't scar her by making her go to dance class last night (ha!), here she was first thing this morning putting on her tap shoes!

She ran right over and showed me everything she learned.

Mom had a long talk with her this morning about how when I was a little girl I went to dance, too, but she was always waiting for me when I got done, and how sometimes I loved going and sometimes I didn't and that was okay, and then she told Abby that when she comes this weekend she will bring my old tap shoes and videos of me dancing when I was little, and that I can dance with her....haha! Don't worry, I will spare you all pictures of me tap dancing this weekend. ha!


nanny said...

Abby I love your shoes, i cannot wait to see you perform for me this weekend. I will have mommys shoes with me, a dynamic duo, maybe I will sing or something, oh yes thats right, I can't!!

Lebanon Parents As Teachers said...

Ohhhhh, Abby, (& crew) I hope you have as much fun as I'm sure your mom did.

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