Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Honest Scrap Award!

Honest Scrap Award

I was taken back to my elementary school days recently. Think of the game of tag as it was played endlessly from the bus stop to the playground. It has now reached the blogsphere. This post is dedicated to the Honest Scrap Award given to me by my friend Brooke. The rules of this lovely award/game of tag is as follows…

A) You must write 10 honest things about yourself that are interesting (of course, right?)
B) Pass the award along to 7 other bloggers that you feel embodies the spirit of Honest Scrap.

1. Sometimes I can be a little 'too honest!' I will say or do pretty much anything, in front of anyone, I will talk to anyone, etc. I am sure that some people are a bit surprised at what comes out of my mouth. This has only amplified by becoming a Mommy! We talk about poop at the dinner table (potty humor has no limits in this household-ha!), I will share openly anything on motherhood (from being pregnant, giving birth, etc.), pretty much NO topic is off limits in this family/household! After having Abby, I told everyone I was going to write a book called, 'All the Shit they Don't tell you While You are Expecting!' I personally think it would be a best seller! haha!

2. (Some of these might be a repeat from a game similar to this that we did once) but, I LOVE LOVE LOVE cheese dip and mexican food. I could, honestly, eat it every day. And, I am slowly developing a severe addiction to guacamole! Don't ask....haha!

3. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE celebrity gossip magazines. Give me a People Magazine and you will win my heart! haha! When Scott and I first started dating, every weekend when he would come and visit me at school, he would bring People and US Weekly. All the girls that lived in the sorority house with me couldn't wait until he got there on Friday, because we would all sit and read the magazines. ha! It's no wonder I fell in love with him! :)

4. Scott and I, sort of, had an arranged marriage! haha! His sister is one of my best friends and after I met his parents one night, his Mom was alllll over him to date me (and she also got me to break up with the guy I was dating at the time-ha!). It took a couple of years for us to be at the right place at the right time, but her persistence paid off. ha! And, not many people know this, so here it goes.....girls always wanted to date Scott and Sara (his sister) was SO protective about it and didn't want ANY of her friends dating him. The first night we kissed I was SO scared to tell Sara. She actually drove me home that night and I told her, 'I kissed your brother,' and then I ducked, because I was afraid she was going to hit me! hahaha! Needless to say, she didn't and we both ended up on the ground dying laughing!

5. I have, HANDS DOWN, the greatest family and friends. I have NO idea what I did to deserve what I have been blessed with: my healthy/beautiful girls, Scott, my parents, our families, our friends, our health, the life that we have, etc. I can simply think about it and be reduced to tears because I truly believe that I am one of the most blessed people. I could never, ever thank God enough for what he has done for me. I only hope that I live life in a way that is pleasing to Him, raise my daughters to know how blessed they are, etc.

6. While I am an educated, smart woman, I will admit that I have my 'moments!' My brother will love this, so here goes.....some of my not so fine moments: I thought that you could grow green tomatoes (as in, there are red and green ones), I thought the mirror on the passenger side of the car was for the passenger, and I swore up and down to Scott one day that my Dad killed a cobra on the was a copperheard, by the way-haha! And, this list could go on and on, but I will stop embarassing myself now. ha!

7. I really, really want a blackberry/smart phone and Scott will NOT cave on this one. I am not eligible for an upgrade on my phone until the end of July, which means I would have to pay full retail price and Scott is a tight wad. (I mean that in the nicest you, honey) hahaha! I am slowly getting over it, but Scott told me that I am worse than a teenage girl about it! ha! He's right (yes, I will admit it when I am wrong), I don't NEED one and it is stupid to pay that much for one when I have a perfectly good phone that I just got last year, but since we are being honest, I still want one! ha!

8. I hope that when people read our blog that they realize that most of what we say is with humor and sarcasm. We laugh A LOT, and we laugh at ourselves/our lives A LOT. I also have a really bad habit of laughing at inappropriate times, I think I am just one of those people that use humor to deal with things. So, that being said....when I type: haha! (which I KNOW I do often) I really am usually laughing. What can I say, we have a lot of fun around here, and we parent with humor. It's what works for us, it keeps things light and it keeps us sane! Life is too short to be stressed, angry, etc. Who cares if your daughter just dropped a turd on the floor...haha!, you will laugh about it one day, might as well be THAT day!

9. I don't want to go back to 'work' when the girls are in school. I want to purchase a building and open my own cheerleading/dance/gymnastics studio. That way, I can do what I love and always be there for the girls school activies, drive them to school, practices, meetings, etc. Don't know if that will actually happen, but that is my dream!

10. Other than the serious/obvious things in life, here are some things that I 'can't live without' (meaning, I really could live without them, but they are the things that keep me from losing myself and they are things that I enjoy, no matter how petty they might be): purses/bags...REALLY big ones, the larger the bag the more I LOVE it, SHOES, magazines, reality TV, coffee, getting my hair done, MY time at the gym, MUSIC (I love music...all kinds and I love my iPod!). I think it's important, as moms and wives, that we still take a little time for ourselves. If not, we wouldn't be the best moms and wives that we could be.

****Now, I am off to tag 7 people! And...I just tagged: Abby, Aimee, Leslie, Beth, Melissa, Amanda and Dawnjulene just in case you all haven't checked, yet! haha!


The McAfee Pack said...

i am with you on being honest about the whole pregnancy thing! i always tell people about pooping on the table...yes, it happens. when i first started talking about that, my friends without kids were appalled! :) (we also laugh at everything....we call it survival!!)

Terry and Leslie said...

Haha! I love your honesty! Your #6 and 8 are my favorite!

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