Thursday, January 1, 2009

Where did 2008 go???

To say that 2008 was a busy year for us would be an understatement. We started the year off with a BIG BANG, finding out on Jan. 10 that I was pregnant! We were SO excited and ready to welcome another baby into our family. Upon finding this out, we decided that we needed to put our house on the market that spring. We spent the better part of the spring and summer selling our first home (bittersweet) and moving into this house. Only a couple of months after moving in, we were blessed with the arrival of Miss Olivia! Just a few short months after that we celebrated our 4th Wedding Anniversary, Abigail turned 3 (I STILL can't believe my baby is 3), and then we jumped right into the Holiday whirlwind!

I will never know what I did to deserve all of the blessings in my life: my girls, my husband, my family/friends, our health, Scott's job, EVERYTHING....but believe you me, there is not a day that goes by that I don't thank God for every bit of it. I can only hope and pray that 2009 is filled with as many wonderful memories and blessings as 2008 was.

The greatest of all....our girls!

It is so hard to think that at this time next year Abby will be 4 and Olivia will be running around this house with her. A man at the grocery told me yesterday, as he walked with his two tweenagers-ha!, 'tie a brick to their heads, because they will be grown before you know it!' Uhhh...I can barely bring myself to think of them much bigger than this without tearing up. Do they really have to start school, meet new people, go on first dates, go away to college and leave us, start new jobs, get married, have families of their own? While all of those things will be wonderful and exciting when the time comes, can't we just keep them this little forever!? :)


nanny said...

those are too cute, what wonderful little girls, love you all

The Cantlons said...

They are too cute in their matching pjs. :)
Love you!

Chris and Melissa said...

i'm right there with ya. the thought of ella growing up and doing her own thing and not needing me anymore just makes me bawl!! such an emotional schmuck!! so glad you and your family are so happy and healthy- here's to a wonderful '09!!

The Utz Family said...

I know... Hannah will be 3 next month! Knowing now she will be our only one makes it even harder.

the McVay's said...

I know the feeling - Jacob will start preschool in August (a day that I am sure will bring many tears...for me and hopefully not him), and don't get me stared on how big the other two are getting. Enjoy all the time that you can while they are that little!

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