Saturday, January 3, 2009

The grocery list...

Last night we were making out our grocery list and Abby was helping with her usual requests: string cheese, turkey, yogurt, etc. Then, she throws in there, 'my little pony!' haha! Nice try, Abby. She just looked up like, 'did they catch that?' and then started laughing hysterically! She is such a booger, I swear!

****In other news, Scott found my earring! YAY!!! It was on the kitchen floor and he was sweeping and heard something hard roll across the floor and immediately knew what it was! Whew....I really thought it would be years before it showed up. haha!

****I think that is all that there is to report. We have been pretty boring these last couple of weeks. We are making the most of Scott's last few days off. We have all been so spoiled by all of his time off these last 2 mo. but it's back to reality Monday (he had a ton of days that he needed to use before Jan.3). I know lots of people don't like President Bush, but we can't thank him enough for Scott's job and all the time he gets off. haha! Nothing like showing up to work on the day before a Holiday and finding out that President Bush has given you free time off! YAHOO! I wonder if Obama will be as generous!? Ugh! Anyways, he is super busy at work, so I know he needs to get back. Well, I don't really know, that's just what he says, for all I know he could be sitting at work looking at imagery maps of local hunting ground! haha!

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