Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dance Class, Take 2!

Yes, tonight is the night. We are giving dance class another try. Let's all hope that we survive tonight with limited tears and vomit...to ask for no tears and vomit would be settting myself up for disappointment! Although, I KNOW she can do. We have been talking about it a lot, and practicing a lot. We went this morning and got her ballet shoes and a new leotard. She has been dressed and ready to go since 1...class isn't until 5! ha!

What a gorgeous little ballerina!...and a sassy one, too...look at that pose! Geez...what do you think you are 16 or something!? ha!
Showing me what we have been practicing! She is quite good, if I do say so.

My sweet big girl! :)
I am just hoping that tonight goes good. She really needs this time away from Mommy to learn that I will still be there, etc. It's so frustrating, sad, etc. to see her upset because that is NOT who she is. She is always the life of the party, NEVER shy, always being goofy and silly, so to see her upset and not sure of herself and the situation is NO fun. I really hope that once she realizes how fun this could be for her, she lets the real Abby shine! We are also going to try a trial tumbling class in the morning. There is a little girl that she knows in the class and there is an observation window where I can see her and she can see me, so we will see how that situation goes, also. Check back later tonight for the report....I can assure you that it will NOT involve eating dinner until we are home! haha! Not taking that chance again.

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nanny said...

she will do so well,just like her mommy did, she looks like a natural to me, she really looks like an angel to me!!

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