Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dance Update!

It was a success! Whew...I never knew how stressful dance class for my daughter would be. We got there early and she watched the big girls for a while (I think that helped a lot). It was time for her to go into class and she started with the, 'I want you to go with me, Mommy...,' the lip came out...CRAP...what do I do I scarring her for life by making her go, do I make her go and if she gets too upset say forget it, etc. You should see the text messages that I had going with Scott and2 of my good friends...I was seriously SO stressed! Anyways, I took her to the door and her teacher started talking to her, she puckered up, the teacher grabbed her and I just walked away. Every peep I heard from the room, I was a nervous wreck. The owner is so nice, she would go check and came out with a good report each time. After 30min. they came out for their water break and I was sitting where Abby couldn't see me, but I could hear her. As soon as the door opened, I heard her little voice and she never stopped talking the whole time they were taking break (now, THAT's the real Abby-ha!), it was SO cute. When class was over, she came running out, squealing...'I learned EVERYTHING, Mom!' haha! Her teacher showed her what they are wearing in the recital and she about fell over with excitement! So, that's that...we will be dancing for the next few months and recital is May 16. Mark your calendars! :) Her teacher said she sat there at first, and after a minute she said, 'okay, Abby...get up, it's your turn!' and she was fine from then on. I knew once she realized how fun it was, she would be good to go. The teacher said she and a little girl named Maddie became fast buddies and had a blast together. Now, to some of you Moms this might be nothing, but this was a HUGE step for us. I can't tell you how proud I was of her.

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The Utz Family said...

I am so glad everything went well!

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