Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where are you going, Olivia!?

Olivia is all over the place these days. You can lay her down on the floor and a few minutes later, she is totally off her blanket, and on her way to the other side of the room. She rolls and scoots like a crazy girl! :)

She looked so much like Abby at first, but her look changes so much every day! She is definitely developing her own look, and I am not sure who she looks more like. People say Scott, but that's only because of the hair, Abby looks more like Scott than Olivia does.
Where are you going, Little One!? (that's what Abby calls her, it is SO sweet!)

Always such a HAPPY girl!!
***Funny Story: Abby still asks EVERY day, 'can we teach Olivia to walk today?'....'does Olivia have teeth, yet!?' But, here's the kicker....we were going to bed the other night and we were talking about the girls and Scott asks (being dead serious, so don't try to act like I am exaggerating, Scott): 'when is Olivia going to start talking!?' As in, why isn't she talking, yet! hahaha!! I said, 'oh, I don't know, Scott...maybe when she is a little closer to 9mo. or a year!' Sheesh! What do they expect...she's not even 4mo. old, yet! haha! Give her a few more months before she starts learning German and reciting Walt Whitman! Geez! haha!


The Utz Family said...

That's great! These guys really have no clue!

nanny said...

She definetely has her own look, Granpa Lee is looking with a big smile I am sure!! Beautiful girl!! I love and miss you Nanny

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