Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We've got cabin fever, yes we do!

We've got cabin fever, how 'bout you!? ha!

The snow and ice has kept us in for the past 2 days. Scott did make it to work today, and thankfully, we have power. They got it much worse at home. Mom and Dad have power, but Scott's parents don't, his Grandparents don't, my brother doesn't and his sister doesn't! Not a fun situation. Hopefully, it will be restored to all of them VERY soon! :(

Yesterday was a rough day. Abby woke up in a bad mood, stayed that way and went to bed in a bad mood. ha! I will spare you a big post about all of it, but some of the highlights were: throwing a pack of wipes and hitting Olivia in the head which was then followed by a nightmare scenario of her sitting in the naughty chair...ugh, trying to cut her hair with scrapbooking scissors, emptying half a roll of toilet paper into the toilet, throwing a whole bowl of water on me while I was trying to give her a bath...the list goes on and on. She was on the war path, so today I decided that every moment would be filled with a structured activity, in hoeps of keeping mischief at bay! ha! (aside from peeing on our couch, it has worked...(sigh)

Anyways, first order of business...BURN LOTS AND LOTS OF ENERGY! To the basement we go....This is perfect because Dixon goes down with us and they run and run and run, she can ride her bike, etc.

Olivia even snuggled up and joined the fun. And, sat in her stroller like a big girl for the first time! :)

Taking her sister for a few laps around the basement!

She even sat up shop as the 'library lady' and tried to sell me my DVD's for $28 a piece...she drives a hard bargain! ha!

We played down there for hours. After lunch, it was time to get to work on our Valentines...yes, I know it is still 2 weeks away, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and I needed something good and time consuming! ha!

She is so good at staying in the lines now! She takes her 'work' very seriously! :)

She also watched Cinderella for the first time today, and really liked it. Over the years, we have been getting all the Disney movies, but we don't really watch them, yet. I am slowly getting them out for her.

***We have had a fun day, but here's to hoping we can make it to our play-date in the morning. I need OUT of this house! ha!

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