Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time for the Dentist....

Well, today at 1:00 Abby will be seeing the dentist for the first time. Unfortunately, Scott won't be there to help (the original plan was for him to meet us there, but now he is suddenly 'too busy' at work. You will be paid back for this, Scott...oh yes, you will! ha!), and that also means that I won't be able to have a drink before this event, which is probably the only way that anyone would be able to half-way enjoy it. haha! I am teasing, of course....sort of! Abby is such a joy at the doctors, I can only imagine how this is going to go. I just told her a few minutes ago, as I wanted to save this 'special surprise' until the last minute. Her response was just as I predicted....(and I quote)

'I am NOT going to the dentist, you people are crazy!' (sigh)

**After realizing that I was not joking, she quickly ran to her desk and wrote a bunch of letters on a piece of paper and told me that it says, 'I am not going to the dentist, I am staying home!' I am surprised she hasn't told me that she is running away today. And, yes...thanks to a Little Critter book, she has told us that before. ha!

**So, I have bribed her with a trip to the coffee shop afterwards for a treat, and I even told her she could pick out a small prize at Target, if she is a big girl and does this for me. Her response, 'I don't want any toys, I am NOT going to the coffee shop and I am NOT going to Target, I am staying right here today. You and Olivia can go!'

**Don't worry, the camera is already packed and sitting by my bag. I am CERTAIN this little trip will be picture worthy!

**I am heading over to show her pictures of Grace and Seth at the dentist, Amanda!...she has agreed to stop acting like a lunatic long enough to look at them! ha!


wick said...

Hope it works!!! We are eagerly awaiting the pictures from today...hahaha

Mominator said...

We had similar issues until Caleb was introduced to 'Mr. Thirsty" and Mr. Sunshine. The hygienist still ended up only using a toothbrush and I think only got to floss a few teeth. Amazing what you remember after 12 years. So let us know about friendly equipment names used in your neck of the woods.

The Utz Family said...

That is too funny! I can't wait to see how this trip turns out!

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