Friday, January 16, 2009


I FINALLY got some pictures of Abby at her school. It's a great little program for pre-school aged kiddos that live in this school district. It gives them a chance to be at the school, meet kids they will be in school with, etc. Abby really loves it. This week they got to take a little trip to the library.

She LOVES storytime!

Waiting patiently to play the rhyme game.
I made her sit in this chair for a picture because I want to get a picture of her in it each year until she leaves the school for high school! :) Yes, the school is so small she will go K-8th at the same school.
Playing a game with some of her new friends. All of these girls, except one, will be in Abby's grade!! And, two of them have siblings that will be in Olivia's grade! (and, yes..they are all her age..haha! she's just vertically challenged! ha!)

Lining up to move to the cafeteria for arts and crafts. Her teacher taught Kindergarten at the school for 25 years and now runs this program for fun. She's great.
Painting!...Abby's most favorite activity EVER! ha!


The Utz Family said...

That's great! It looks like she loves it!

nanny said...

I amso proud of you Abby, what a big girl you are I love you Nanny

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